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Learn more about the character of the Vietnamese bride or girl for online dating, her lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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beautiful vietnamese bride

Last Updated: December, 2021

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Are They So Perfect For Western Guys?

Vietnamese brides are some of the most beautiful women in Asia. Undoubtedly, they are not only very exotic and attractive; their outstanding character traits, kindness, smile, and playfulness make them one of the most desirable women in the world.

Last Updated: December, 2021
orchidromance beautiful asian bride
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AsianMelodies connects loving hearts worldwide!

But their most significant advantage is that they also love foreign men and dream of a relationship with a foreigner, especially Western guys. So how do they differ from everyone else, how to find their sweetheart from Vietnam, and how to win her heart forever? Let’s find it out!

vietnamese mail order bride resting

Why do Vietnamese brides are looking for husband abroad?

There are thousands of Vietnamese girls on mail order Vietnamese brides websites—and while some of them want to find Western men because of the quality of life in the US/Canada, most Vietnamese girls on these websites are driven by different goals.

The thing is, for most Asian women—and Vietnamese brides are not an exception—think that men from foreign countries make much better partners (both long-term and short-term) than their local men. Vietnamese mail order brides believe that men from the US are much more caring, respectful, more family-oriented, and more focused on serious relationships. You can show them that this stereotype is 100% true!

Generally, Vietnamese mail order brides think that men from the US make much better husbands than local guys from Vietnam—that's why think that Americans are a better option to build relationships with. Modern Vietnamese women speak English quite well—so dating Vietnamese brides today is much easier than a few decades ago because the language barrier isn't a problem anymore. This is just great because the language barrier is never a good thing in a relationship—it can (and will) lead to misunderstandings and arguments. 

However, in real life, a relationship is not always about finding lifetime happiness and it's not always about genuine interest. Let's talk about the problems you might have with Vietnamese women.

Are there gold-diggers on Vietnamese mail order bride sites?

The problem is that yes, some Vietnamese women you'll meet on Vietnamese mail order bride websites will only need your money. But it's not a Vietnamese problem only.

There are gold-diggers in every nation, from Vietnam and other countries in the Asian region to Latin America and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, most of them use dating sites to do what they do. But this doesn't mean that you should avoid Vietnamese women because of this.

The thing is, the ratio of scammers and fake profiles on Vietnamese bride platforms is roughly the same as the ratio of scammers on Latin, European, and even American dating websites with Western women. So as long as you follow some basic safety rules, you can chat with attractive women from Vietnam and meet pretty Vietnamese girls without any concerns. Here are the rules of safe Asian women dating.

Safe online dating: Top 3 rules

  1. Always choose the best dating sites with Vietnamese women. The websites like Asian Melodies and Eastern Honeys are generally safer than free dating platforms with  fake Asian ladies. If you want to find an Asian wife, you have to choose the Asian brides website carefully—it's the most important thing for you to do.
  2. Do not send money to Vietnamese singles before you meet Vietnamese girls in person. Go to Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi, meet that Vietnamese bride you talked to online, and give her gifts if you want to—but do not send money to women you've only met on mail order bride sites, even if it's such services as Asian Melodies or Eastern Honeys.
  3. Do not disclose your personal information to brides from Vietnam, even if it looks like they're genuinely interested in you. Don't talk too much about your personal life to Vietnamese women until you meet them.

What makes a Vietnamese woman the best wife?

Vietnamese women are just great, and it's not just words. Here are the top-3 reasons why you just can't miss Vietnamese women!

They are beautiful

Vietnamese ladies are really attractive—just choose any of those mail order brides websites, visit site, and browse their profiles to see that most Vietnamese ladies look great. Vietnamese mail order brides are petite, their faces are very beautiful, their bodies are fit, and they know everything about diets and fitness. So if you want your future wife to look fantastic, you need to find a Vietnam bride, that's true.

They respect traditions

Almost any Vietnam girl is traditional and very respectful to their family members and partners—that's what they are taught since a young age. It's about traditional Vietnamese society and patriarchal Vietnamese culture—unlike other Asian women, brides from Vietnam are much less career-oriented, much more family-oriented, and more focused on being perfect wives. It means that you'll have to show respect, too—especially to the bride's parents.

They are intelligent

At the same time, women from Vietnam are well-educated and intelligent. Most women with a degree receive more training than western bachelors, they are very hard-working and smart, and they don't think that education is useless.

What makes Vietnamese wives so desired?

There are many reasons why so many men dream of a Vietnamese cutie. And in fact the answer to the question of why they are so popular and attractive to foreign men is that they are truly wonderful wives. Vietnamese mail order brides have all the traits of an ideal woman, and their beauty is impressive at first sight. So let's take a closer look at what differs them from all other women in Asia.

  • The first reason why Vietnamese girls for marriage are so attractive to men from all over the world, especially Western guys, is that they are very beautiful, seductive, and treat men like they want to be treated. Usually, these girls are quite short and very slender, which in combination with grace and femininity makes them truly unsurpassed beauties. One look will be enough to fall in love with this exotic beauty. Like Chinese brides, they know how to look perfect every day, and will impress you with their incredible aura and sensuality.
  • Vietnamese women for marriage are very romantic. These beauties know how to fill every day with love and feelings. Daily long correspondence, lots of little surprises, and romance in every move are all about Vietnamese girls. In line with their love for romance, Vietnamese ladies are very cute and sweet when it comes to the relationship. They love hand-holding romantic messages, emojis, and many gifts and surprises. These women know exactly the secret of how to make any man happy.
  • Vietnamese hotties are generally very loyal. Not just in a relationship, but in many other things as well. They can be very attached to their pet, family, friends. At work, they are very responsible for what they do. the same as Koreans. In love, Vietnamese wives are extremely committed to their sweetheart and always want to care for love.

How to date Vietnamese brides?

You can easily fall for a charming Vietnamese lady, that’s why it is very important to know some rules and facts about beautiful Vietnamese mail order brides before dating and meeting them.

pretty vietnamese bride near swimming pool

  • Be romantic. Vietnamese cuties enjoy all things that are love-related. They love romantic songs, videos, films, and of course, giant teddy bears and flowers. If you want to win the heart of a stunning Vietnamese bombshell then you should definitely prepare a small gift or surprise for her, or even organize a romantic trip for both.
  • Be cheerful and funny. All you need to know about Vietnamese beauties is that they love to smile and laugh. As much as Filipino mail order brides, they are very friendly and always meet new people in their lives with a smile on their faces. Smiling is the beginning of love for a sweet Vietnamese bride, that’s why kind funny stories, jokes, and relaxed atmosphere will definitely make the first date with your beauty an unforgettable experience for both of you.
  • Be kind and attentive. If you want to always be in the first place for your loved one, be ready to take care and show signs of attention to her as well. The innate warm and caring nature of Vietnamese women for marriage will make your dates with her a very romantic, tender, and sweet experience. During online communication, do not forget about compliments, interest in her life, and interests. The more you learn about her during online chats and video calls, the more chances you will have to win her heart during a live date.

These tips will definitely help you avoid misunderstandings and barriers when communicating with your beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend and show her the seriousness of your intentions and love.

How to meet your perfect date from Vietnam?

Today, there are several ways to meet a beautiful Vietnamese mail order wife. The first traditional way is to meet her in her home country, but this method is outdated, as it does not give a clear guarantee that all the effort, money, and time spent on this trip will help you find your loved one. So now online dating services are becoming more popular. The main advantages of using these platforms are that they give you access to a huge database of single Vietnamese girls, Mongolian cuties, or even Indian women for marriage, who are also looking for a relationship abroad.

With the help of an online dating service you have more chances to meet your ideal partner from Vietnam, and after your online chats and dates, you will also be able to use this service to arrange dates offline and make all of your dreams come true. Moreover, the exclusive service — romance tour — is becoming more and more popular today. It is a trip that is fully organized and planned in detail by the longline dating service, which will help you spend a romantic vacation with a girl you have already met online. Or take a group trip and visit many matchmaking events with beautiful Vietnamese brides that are also looking for a foreign man.

If you dream of meeting a Vietnamese beauty, you should know about their cost and the services included in this price. On average, a monthly subscription and use of premium services on an online dating site costs from $10- $100 and a 14-day trip to Vietnam to meet your charming Vietnamese wife will cost from $3000 up to $11000 and depends on the services you choose and your own preferences.

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To sum up

Today, online dating sites are one of the most effective ways to meet a beautiful Vietnamese girl, a place that unites single hearts from all over the world. So if you are in love with these girls, do not hesitate and find your sweet lover today.