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Mexican Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Mexican bride or girl for dating, their lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Mexican Mail Order Brides & Online Women Dating: Literally All You Need To Know

Why American men are so fond of Mexican brides? Are these women really that good? What else do you need to know about them and how to date them? We’ll tell you here.

Where and how to get a Mexican mail order bride? 

We can distinguish two ways:

  • Offline dating. Some men prefer the old-fashioned way of dating—somewhere in a bar or a park. The only question is how many girls you need to meet to find someone set to marry. You can also get to know Mexican women by going to their country. Mexican girls will be happy for the attention of an American man, but such a search may also not bring results. In this case, you will spend a lot of money. 
  • Online dating. The most efficient, working, and energy-monetary costly method. Millions of couples meet every day around the world. It is straightforward to filter a girl by age, goals, and appearance on the Internet. It takes a couple of minutes, no more.

How to meet your future Mexican wife offline?

You can book a flight to Mexico City and try to pick up some girls while walking down the Paseo de la Reforma. But the problem is: it’s more expensive, more time-consuming, and much more difficult than online dating. So, why not try online dating?

There are lots of international dating sites where you can find thousands or even tens of thousands of brides from Mexico and other countries with Latin beauties. Just choose the right one and enjoy — these websites have the most beautiful women who really want to find a foreign husband.

Last Updated: June, 2024
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How to find a Mexican mail order bride online? 

To get a Mexican wife online, just follow this algorithm:

  1. Register on sites with mail order brides from Mexico. We recommend using regional sites because the choice of Mexican brides will be much wider.
  2. After you decide on the bride, you need to arrange a meeting with the girl. You must meet your girlfriend face to face at least once to get a fiancée visa in the future.
  3. If you decide to get married, you need to start obtaining a fiancé visa. The process takes around 5-7 months. After that, your Mexican bride can come to the US, and you will have 90 days to get married. 

How much does it cost to get a Mexican wife?

The average wedding in this country costs $8,000-$9,000 which is quite expensive, but not as expensive as in the US ($33,000-$35,000). The K-1 visa will cost you about $2,000, and you’ll also have to meet each other at least once (the flights from Mexico City to, say, Washington, begin from $180-$200). The mail order bride website is the cheapest part of the process — most of the Mexican bride dating site cost is about $30-$70 per month.

Are Mexican mail order brides legal? 

The definition can be confusing, but yes, it's completely legal. In this case, you chat with Mexican girls online, make an appointment and follow the legal procedure for marrying a foreigner. In 2019 alone, 1,675 K1 visas were issued for Mexican women.

You can use two visas to transport a Mexican bride to the USA:

  1. K1 visa for marriage in the USA, which we have already mentioned above.
  2. CP-1 visa if you are going to arrange a marriage in another country.

Both methods have their characteristics, as USCIS writes in detail.

Why choose Mexican brides?

Men want to see Mexican mail order brides as their girlfriends and wives due to many factors.

  1. Personality and character. That's the first thing that impresses Western men when they start dating Mexican girls. We’ll elaborate a bit later, but in short, women from Mexico are very different from American ladies — they are more loyal, more passionate, and more oriented on a family.
  2. They are good mothers and almost perfect wives. That’s how they, and the majority of Brazilian brides, are raised — so even if a conservative and traditional society is not the best thing in the world, it shows great results sometimes.
  3. Your Mexican mail order wife will always take care of you. That’s what makes them perfect life partners, not just short- or long-term partners.

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The national character: what are Mexican girls for marriage like?

Regardless of age, social status, or level of education, Mexican mail order brides all have the following character traits:

  • Confident. They are always positive, they have their goals, and they know how to achieve them, and you'll always feel inspired by them.
  • Passionate, like all Latinas. Mexico is strongly bound to North America when it comes to economics, but culturally, this country is closer to Latin America — and passionate Mexican girls prove this statement.
  • Loyal. It’s not just about Mexicans, it’s about all Hispanics. They cheat less than blacks and whites (13%, 22%, and 16% respectively), and women typically cheat less than men.

Traditional values of Mexican beauties

  1. They are religious and very family-centered. For 73% of Mexicans, religion is very important — just compare this number to the US (69%), UK (27%), or Germany (40%) and you'll see the difference. Of course, their religious commitment makes them respect family values.
  2. Mexican brides are less likely to divorce. These are not just words, it’s a fact — the divorce rate in the United States is 2.9 per 1,000 while it's only 0.9 in Mexico.
  3. What’s more, like most of the Colombian wives, they don’t usually try to hide anything or to tell sweet lies. Mexican mail order brides are very direct and straightforward, which is cool, but at the same time, it means they expect their men to be direct and honest, too.

mexican mail order bride in underwear

Things you should know before dating a Mexican mail order wife

First, here’s what you need to know: yes, these women have traditional values. But no, they are not as conservative like some Asian mail order brides as one might think. Thus, only 1% of Mexican respondents think that there is no need to achieve gender equality — this country is becoming more and more Westernized, and Mexican girls are definitely not too "shy" or "obedient". Earlier, they were, but not today.

That "family-centered" thing is not just about your family, for Mexican wife it's about her family, too — and here, "family" means "extended family". This means a lot of family visits, a very strong influence of the family on your bride, and doing your best to impress her parents, of course.

What do Mexican brides look like?

Black hair, tanned skin, European facial features with a touch of Asian-like appearance, beautiful bodies, and black eyes — Mexico is not one of those countries that are always ranked the top-1 hottest countries in the world, but Mexican women are still very attractive. Think Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, or Eva Longoria — they are the most famous Mexican/half-Mexican women, but there are lots of girls who are as attractive as these celebrities.

How to date a Mexican lady?

These little tips will help you win the Mexican beauty's favor:

  • Remember, this particular country is not a perfect country for women — many of them suffer from sexual harassment and violence of Mexican men, as well as physical violence and domestic abuse (which is pretty common among Russian females, too). So, show some respect and act like a gentleman — most of them are tired of machismo and hypermasculinity.
  • However, it doesn’t mean that chivalry is dead in Mexico and for hot Mexican girls. No, it’s quite the opposite — chivalry is more alive than ever here, so they see nothing wrong in men holding the door, opening the car door, etc, etc.
  • Flowers and stuff will probably work great — Mexican mail order brides love it when a man shows and expresses his feelings with gifts. Remember, it’s not about the price, it’s about your feelings.
  • You should be ready to wait! They call it Latino Standard Time for a reason — Latinas beauties are always late, that’s one of those true stereotypes about them. Just add an hour to any scheduled meeting or date and it'll be ok.
  • They are quite Westernized, but it’s still you who has to lead the date — Mexican women online love it when a man can solve all the problems. As much as Ukrainians do, they see nothing wrong with a man taking the lead, and they know when to follow. It's priceless.

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What kind of men is Mexican mail order wife looking for?

Good, loving, caring. It would also be nice if this good, loving, and caring man is also reliable and confident. If you’re a reliable, confident, good, loving, and caring man with a good career, your chances are extremely high with a potential Mexican mail order wife. If you lack some of these components, don’t worry — there are no perfect men, and most Mexican brides are smart enough to understand it.

How to attract a Mexican mail bride?

It's not a secret that many Mexican women use dating sites because they're ready for international dating and are interested in foreign guys. So, you already have a certain advantage, and it's necessary to use it to catch the attention of local girls. The following tips will help you find Mexican women and establish a serious relationship:

  • Make sure you're on the same page with Mexican brides. Sharing the same interests is one of the prerequisites for success in relationships. A Mexican lady is an open-minded personality who likes to dive deeper into different topics and exchange her ideas with other people. So, start your communication on a dating site by discussing your interests, and if you find something you have in common, that's a good sign.
  • Mexican mail order wives adore men who are aware of their cultural specifities. A Mexican girl would appreciate it if you could say some words in Spanish or invite her to dance because this is important for them. Besides, pretty Mexican girls put effort into finding a common language with you, so you should reciprocate and show that you're also interested in getting to know her better and even did some research yourself to facilitate your communication.
  • Be yourself when communicating with single Mexican ladies. When you date Mexican women, they'll easily tell whether you're being genuine or trying to pretend someone else. However, people fall in love with others for who they are, and you shouldn't be afraid of opening up to your Mexican bride. So, instead of trying too hard not to show your real personality, relax and take it easy because Mexican singles are attracted to guys who have everything under control yet remain calm.
  • Be a gentleman when around Mexican mail order wives. All the single Mexican women you meet on dating sites are looking for American men who will treat them as equal partners, value their opinions, and always be there for their ladies. So, make sure your treat your foreign wife with love, care, and attention. Don't forget about asking about her well-being, helping her deal with complex issues, and showing her that you're truly interested in making sure she feels comfortable around you.
  • Also, local women appreciate even the small signs of attention. For example, you can hold the door for her, give her compliments, or bring a bouquet on your date.

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Once you decide to find Mexican brides, you have several opportunities to do that because there are many cities in which you can meet Mexican mailorder brides. You can fall in love with a Mexican bride who comes from the country's capital or, in contrast, a vibrant city with many local traditions. To make a choice easier for you, here is the list of the best destinations for finding a Mexican woman:

Mexico City

Without a doubt, Mexico's capital should be on this list. It is often referred to as the sun of the Mexican solar system.

This city is popular among urbanists and culture seekers. It offers to experience various activities and to enjoy the mixture of modern views and family life values. Brides from Mexico and other countries are attracted to it.

It fascinates Mexican ladies from all over the country thanks to offering numerous opportunities for career growth and self-development.

You can meet Mexican women in museums, boating excursions along ancient canals, during dinner at a restaurant with traditional food, or on the street when enjoying the performance of local bands. This city inspires its visitors to enjoy life and not be afraid to get lost in its tiny streets because there's so much to discover.

A Mexican mail order bride will gladly communicate with foreign men because she understands that it's much easier to enjoy the city when you have someone to take you to the most interesting places. So, when deciding where to meet Mexican woman, don't hesitate to book tickets to Mexico City.


If you're attracted to arts and cultures and would like to communicate with hot Mexican brides online who are also passionate about these spheres, Oaxaca is the city you need to visit. It's known as the center of vibrant crafts, incredible festivities, delicious local cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. This is an impressive cultural hub, which offers many things for people to explore.

If you prefer breathing fresh air somewhere in the woods, Oaxaca is surrounded by forests, where you can hike or ride horses and find Mexican women for marriage. Also, if you're more into beaches and chilling in the sun, this city has a wonderful tropical coast where you can surf and enjoy eye-pleasing sunsets with your Mexican bride.

Mexican wives adore this city for its complexity, which makes it more fascinating and encourages to explore its mysteries. You'll definitely enjoy walking its tranquil streets, tasting its delicious local cuisine, and visiting street markets alongside your beloved Latin woman. So, make sure the filters on a dating site to meet mail order Mexican brides from Oaxaca.


Foreign men point out the concentration of beautiful Mexican women in Guadalajara, and it's not surprising because it's the country's cultural center, which offers a set of various events and preserves ancient Mexican traditions. If you want to experience the spirit of the old city and feel all the specificities of Mexican culture and meet a Mexican wife, this is a top destination.

Guadalajara is a place where you can hear a lot about the local myths and feel the exotic ambiance. You can find both ancient areas, fancy and hipster neighborhoods, and cozy suburbs in this city. Whether it is dining at a fashionable restaurant or visiting a theatre with your Mexican girl, you can enjoy all these activities in Guadalajara.

San Miguel de Allende

This city is a magnet for tourists and is a perfect destination to visit once your online dating has shifted to another level and your relationships with a Mexican girl are more serious now. San Miguel de Allende combines various places and attractions, so you can enjoy long walks on the cobblestone streets, try some local food cooked by virtuous chefs, and enjoy the attractiveness of hot Mexican women.


Beaches with white sand, turquoise water, and attractive Mexican mail order brides are the main sightseeings of Cancun. This is the most popular destination for those who want to relax, enjoy the sun, and spend some chilled time alongside a beautiful Mexican woman.

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, American men can explore breathtaking natural attractions. Visiting the majestic mangroves is a unique idea for creating unforgettable memories together with Mexican brides for marriage they meet on dating sites.

Wedding traditions & marriage with Mexican brides

Marriage with Mexican women is probably the most critical stage in the relationship because there are so many things you should keep in mind. These are the most common traditions you can expect at the final phase of your international dating — a wedding:

  • The thirteen gold coins. When the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins, he promises to provide for their family and shows that he trusts her with his finances. The woman, in her turn, says that she takes her groom's trust with care and prudence. These coins mean that the treasures of each partner are now one, and they should share all they have together.
  • Godparents. The couple chooses its padrinos or madrinas, the important people who participate in sponsoring the wedding. It's a great honor for the person to be chosen as a godparent, and they will make a massive impact on how the wedding goes, helping with organizational aspects and other details.
  • Wedding lasso. A silk cord is usually used as a lasso and is placed over the couple by its godparents. It signifies the new status of the groom and the bride in the eyes of the Lord.
  • Wedding parade. After the wedding ceremony is over, both newlyweds and their guests walk the streets dancing, singing, and celebrating the event to put them in a good mood and get ready to party all night.
  • Wedding reception. It seems that love for partying is in Spanish blood because these people know everything about extraordinary wedding receptions. There, you'll find everything from live music and well-thought design to extensive menus and an impressive choice of food. Also, this party won't be complete without traditional dances, so make sure you're in good physical shape in advance.
  • After party. Mexican women prefer to spend the day after the wedding with their closest friends and family members to open gifts, exchange emotions, and enjoy delicious food once again. Mexican ladies put their families first, so this day is a great chance to hear even more nice words from your wife's most significant people and be happy about your status as the newlyweds.


Mexican girls for marriage are fantastic. They are loyal, focused on establishing a happy family life, and they’ll never give you up. What’s even cooler, there are lots of Mexican mail order brides websites — they are not free, but they are 100% worth the money. Choose any dating platform, sign up, and find your future Mexican wife today!

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