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Become a part of our team

Who we are?

Being an independent international rating agency, we establish strong professional ties with relationship advisers. Our mission is to provide our clients with informational and analytical services of high quality. In other words, we aim at gathering truthful information concerning various dating websites, analyzing it, and sharing it with the users. We explore and evaluate different platforms of the dating sphere impersonally. No fraud and no personal preferences, but just depiction of facts and reasonable assessment. Actually, we compare hundreds of similar sites by different criteria and create an independent rating. As a result, our rating has a great impact on user’s choice of the dating website. Our company takes responsibility for carrying out an analytical part of the decision – making process.

Our values

What do we expect from our team members? The most essential thing is to understand the responsibility for what we are performing our work. In fact, decision-making is one of the most crucial things which can exert an immense influence on the future, so it is definitely not an easy thing to do. We realize that our recommendations may turn our clients' lives upside down, and therefore, aspire to give them high-class professional help. Thanks to it, our users believe us, value our experts' assessment, and appreciate our work in the end. Finally, they rely on us, trusting us something really important. Obviously, it counts so much.

Besides, all the members of our team work together. Any divisions, just harmonious unified mechanism, which will collapse without one of its elements. Thus, “warm, friendly atmosphere” are not just empty words – they are our recipe for success. All of us keep in touch around the clock so that to help and support each other in any situation.


Vacancies available

Creative writer

Our agency is in need of talented writers to create objective literate texts for our dating-based sites.

Main requirements for Creative Writer are:

  • fluent English
  • clear and unique writing style
  • ability to analyze and structure enormous quantity of information
  • communication skills
  • ability to work in team
  • time management skills
  • self-discipline
  • readiness to cope with deadlines
  • ability to stay focused on the task for hours
  • extreme desire to improve.

Basic responsibilities include:

  • production of creative and relevant content with the understanding of agency’s mission
  • search and analysis of information according to the user's needs
  • quick data processing and making effective services description
  • tight collaboration with designers, SEO specialists, and web developers on the issues of data visualization
  • rewriting and renewal of the outdated information blocks on the sites>


Content editor

We are also looking for experienced editors to join our well-knit team with the pursuit of making our content unique.

Key requirements for Editor include:


  • proficiency in English
  • proofreading experience
  • attention to details
  • self-organization and responsibility
  • perfectionist attitude to work
  • ability to set priorities


Basic responsibilities for this job are:


  • proofreading of texts created by our writers
  • correction of all the mistakes, even the slightest ones
  • giving efficient recommendations to the writers for improvement, explaining their mistakes, and contributing to their further achievements>
  • improving the quality of our services


In our company, you do not need to do the same monotonous activity, writing identical texts from day to day. We offer you to create texts on different topics that will constantly allow you to learn something new and improve your English skills. Besides, we deal with the practically valuable content for the users. Thus, you'll surely feel that your job brings sense. If you do not have extremely relevant experience, it won't be an obstacle. Our team will teach you, so the most important thing is your great desire.

Still have some doubts whether it is possible to do something challenging, rewarding, and profitable at the same time? Join us and we will show you. In our team, you will have an opportunity to earn good money, doing something new, and helping people all over the world every day.