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Russian Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Russian bride or girl for dating, their lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Last Updated: June, 2024

Russian Mail Order Brides — Strong Women For Strong Relationships

There are many guys in the United States who are looking for long-term and happy relationships. But they cannot find the one and only who would make him the happiest person in the world. We are living in the world of online communication, where you can easily start dating a woman from any country on the planet, including snowy and mysterious Russia.

Last Updated: June, 2024
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Russian brides are numerous and popular. They appeal with their beauty, intellect, and strong will. They are eager to date a man with strong values and would willingly follow him wherever he decides to go. Furthermore, they are supportive, calm, and stunningly hot ladies you can start dating today! All you have to do is follow our simple and rather short guide!

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Is it easy for a Western man to find a wife with Russian roots?

No. The thing is, a lot of Russian women are into international dating and American dating in particular for various reasons, from personal preferences to the modern view of life that almost all Americans share. It seems quite easy for them to find a loyal and reliable partner able to provide for the family among Western men, and the popularity of international marriages among celebrities only proves these units are very successful.

Additionally, if we discuss the chance of marriage between a Western man and a woman with Russian roots, not Russia-born, it is even higher. There are women in the US who have moved there seeking husbands or with their families, so if you want to date a Russian girl in the local area, you are likely to find one if you use any dating service you prefer.

If you are among single Western men who want to try a relationship with a beautiful Russian girl, just follow our rules, choose a good dating platform with Russian ladies, be respectful, and be a gentleman. That's the easiest way to attract Russian ladies for a man from the US.

Qualities of Russian women for marriage: What makes Russian girls so special

Russian mail order brides are phenomenal for various reasons. Russian women are smart, loyal, attractive, and interesting. They really can make a relationship fun and engaging. Not only that, but Russian brides can make you feel like a real man—a man who makes decisions and keeps his words. Let’s take a closer look at why you should definitely try online communication with Russian wives online!

Traditional values

If you are going to find a Russian spouse, you need to understand that these ladies are more traditional than women from the United States. It's all about their mentality, traditions, and their conservative society—Russian girls are still raised to be perfect wives so since the early age, they have certain priorities and values. As a result, even modern Russian brides have pretty traditional views.

Strong will and determination

Russian brides are determined to achieve anything they desire. It is almost impossible for a lady from Russia to give up if she faces some problems. It is not customary in this country to be weak—whether physically or mentally. And how does it matter in relationships? You can be sure that your date won’t give up when you have a bump in your relationships. She won’t decide to break up with you just because it is difficult to keep going.

Outer and inner beauty

The majority of men who decide to look for Russian mail order brides, want to date these girls just because they look stunningly attractive and beautiful. And they do! Women from this country are among the most beautiful ladies in the world. However, the inner beauty of Russian girls for marriage is as important as their looks. These girls are broad-minded, down-to-earth, and humble to a certain extent.

Great sense of humor and sociability

Humor is important in Russian culture. Maybe because its people have suffered a lot of challenges in the past or just because Russian people want to laugh, a lot of women from this country have a great sense of humor. This allows them to have a great time even with strangers. However, don’t forget that a completely new person will be met rather coldly by a Russian mail order wife. These girls need some time to get used to a new potential date.


Lastly, it is essential to emphasize how smart these women are. And we are not only talking about book smarts. These women possess the innate ability to know how the world works. This is probably one of the reasons why Russian wives decide to look for a foreign husband—they know that more guys are suitable for them!

pretty russian bride in bodysuit

How to date Russian brides?

It is not that difficult—all you have to do is follow this brief guide:

  • Be honest and open about your motifs. If you are looking for a wife, tell your date right away. It may not be your first words, but it should be said on the first date. While most girls who use mail order bride services are looking for a foreign husband, it will help them realize your reasons. And be always open and honest with your bride—these girls know when you are lying!
  • Be patient. Don’t expect Russian mail order brides to jump with joy on your first date. These girls can seem rather emotionless, cold, and distant. While they are not, they are used to keeping a distance between themselves and new people in their lives. After a few dates, you will see a change in your bride’s behavior.
  • Be romantic. Girls from this country love romantic gestures and expect westerners to send them presents, gifts, and other things of romantic nature.
  • Be attentive. These ladies will tell you a lot of information about their lives and families—listen carefully! Don’t compare a Russian bride to a Ukrainian girl—although these countries are neighbors, girls don’t like when you confuse them.
  • Don't forget to show that you're a real gentleman—that's what Russian women appreciate (and that's what men from this country often lack). Do not keep her waiting, open the doors for her, be a good listener, and don't pull your phone during the dinner.

Russian bride dating: useful information you need to know

Of course, that's not all you need to know about dating Russian women. Whether you meet them on Russian mail order bride sites or on international dating sites, Russian dating sites are always the same. For example, it's extremely important that you pay on a date with a Russian woman—Russian  girls (as well as women from other countries in Eastern Europe) believe that a man must pay for the date. Especially if it's a foreign man, of course—Russian brides think that American men are better gentlemen than men from their country, and for them, being able to pay for a woman on a date is an important part of "being a gentleman".

By the way, Russian girls are quite old-fashioned not only when it comes to their life and family values but also when it comes to offline and online dating etiquette. If you're searching for a future spouse in Russia, you need to be a gentleman—open and hold the doors for Russian women, get a taxi for a Russian woman after the date, be extremely respectful, etc. That's how it works with Russian ladies.

Another thing you have to know if you're going to find a Russian bride is that Russian girls are often quite cold—especially if it's your very first date with a Russian lady. The point is, if a Russian mail order bride acts a bit "cold" on the first date, it doesn't mean she doesn't like you. It's just a part of the Russian women mentality and character—Russian ladies can be quite cold, but once they get to know you better, they'll be as warm, friendly, and open as possible.

But other than that, there's nothing you need to worry about when it comes to Russian brides. They are pretty similar to American women, they want their partners to respect them, and they love it when a man has serious intentions. Be respectful, show that you care, and keep the conversation going—it's not that hard but it's something that works both for Russians and for ladies from other countries.

How much does it cost to have a date with a Russian woman?

Online dating is not very expensive. It won’t cost you a fortune to find and date a woman online. On average, 1 month of online communication can cost around $40–80, but everything depends on the website that you pick and on the communication tools you're going to use. Most foreigners spend around $60 per month on Russian mail order bride platforms, but there are lots of mail order bride sites with lots of expensive features e.g video chat, voice calls, real and virtual gifts, etc. If you're going to use such sites to find a Russian mail order bride, you should be careful. Most foreigners spend around $60 per month on Russian mail order bride platforms, but there are lots of mail order bride sites with lots of expensive features e.g video chat, voice calls, real and virtual gifts, etc. If you're going to use such sites to find a Russian mail order bride, you should be careful.

For example, if you spend hours in video chat with Russian women, $60 will be not enough for you.  We don't want to say that you should avoid mail order brides platforms with such features—we just want to say that the monthly cost of a Russian mail order bride platform will depend only on your preferences. If you want to chat with Russian women, you'll most likely spend around $50-$80. If you are going to spend hours in video chat with attractive mail order brides, you'll most likely spend $300 or $400 per month.  

russian girl for marriage dreaming

Meeting mail order bride from Russia in person: total cost

However, most of the time, guys want to see their mail order brides in real life—and it's not even about your desire, it's also about your future actions because it's impossible to get your Russian lady to the US if you've never met her before. And the cost of doing that is going to be much higher. Here are the approximate cost of having a real date with a Russian wife:

  • $1,000–$2,000 for plane tickets—if you want to meet several Russian women from different cities, you'll probably need to spend even more than that. A round-trip ticket from Moscow to Vladivostok will cost you additional $400, so you need to be aware of it.
  • Apartments will cost around $800–$1,000 for a fortnight. However, it depends on the city you're going to meet Russian ladies in—Moscow and St Petersburg are quite expensive while smaller cities in Russia are much cheaper.
  • Transportation in Russia is rather cheap—you may spend less than $150–$300 per fortnight.
  • As for the entertainment, you will need at least $500 to enjoy 14 days with your date. The more, the better—Russian ladies are not that demanding, but every Russian girl loves it when a man wants to please her and spend money on her.


Marrying a Slavic woman: How much will it cost?

Russian men spend around $4,000-$8,000 for a wedding. It's much cheaper than the average wedding cost in the US—but it's still quite a lot. If you want to save money on wedding, you can marry your partner in the United States—a small wedding with no more than 5 guests in the US will cost you around $2,000.

But the big expenses don't end when you're finally married. After that, you'll have to pay for a K-1/CR-1 visa (depends on where you have married her) and for a green card—this will cost you around $2,000.

Meeting Russian ladies: how to save money?

Meeting a Russian girl can be quite expensive—first, you spend around $50-$100 on a mail order brides service, then you spend around $3,000 for 2 weeks with real Russian brides in Russia. However, you can spend much less than that. We will not talk about dating websites here because there are only two things you can do to save money on dating sites:

  • Focus on text messages and live chat instead of video chat on dating sites.
  • Focus on dating platforms instead of marriage agency websites—the dating platforms have thousands of Russian ladies, and they are much cheaper than an average marriage service. Yes, not all the Russian women who use dating sites have professional photos, but these platforms are still worth trying.

Meeting a woman in Russia: how to spend less?

It's possible to save money when it comes to meeting foreign brides from Russia offline, too.

  • Use flight aggregators to buy tickets to this country (this works not only for Russia but for different countries). It's possible to save up to 50% with the aggregators like SkyScanner!
  • Meeting foreign women is much cheaper if you only focus on one city. The majority of Russian singles live in Moscow and St Petersburg—these are the most expensive cities in Russia, but you'll save a lot of money if you focus on these two cities only.
  • Use Uber and Yandex Taxi (kinda like Uber but for a Russian company) to save money on taxi.
  • Do your best to find Russian singles who speak English well. There are thousands of local women in Russia who want to find foreign men. If you only meet international brides who speak English, you won't have to solve the language barrier and you won't have to pay for the translation services.

Russian Mail Brides & Online Women Dating

Learn how to encounter Russian mail order brides through the the web and develop happen to be and romance along the seas. We hope that their information helps you to find and get to know Russian send order brides with the fantasy.

How to get a Russian wife?

The best—and basically the only—way to get a life partner from Russia is online dating. Many women from Russia and from other countries are searching for a foreign man for marriage. It is much more comfortable, much faster, and much safer than going to Russia or to other countries and trying to find a perfect woman there. Its also much cheaper than offline dating—because you will not have to go to Russia right away which means you will save around $3,000-$4,000!

Are Russian brides, legit or are they frauds?

They are legit. There are lots of success stories of American men who found a Slavic woman , there are lots of real women from this country who have found their future husbands online—the only thing you need to be careful with is the quality of the websites you're going to use. If you choose a bad dating service, you won't find a perfect match—what's more, the chances are very high you will not even find real brides on these websites.  If you spend some time reading reviews written by experts and real customers, testing the bride sites, and digging a bit deeper, you will find a Russian life partner online without any problems.

Yes, it's totally legal. American men can meet Russian women both in the United States and in their country—it's 100% legal. The only difference is the type of visa your spouse/bride will get; if you marry her in her country, she'll enter the US on a CR-1 visa, and if you do it in the US, she'll get a K-1 visa, that's all. In 3 years after that, she will be able to become an American citizen! It's simple, it's fast, and you have nothing to worry about—if your relationship is genuine, your bride will pass the K-1/CR-1 visa interview without any problems. Just remember that you must meet her at least once before she applies for a visa; it's the most important requirement for new K-1 visa applicants.

Encounter beautiful Russian women

Most people are deserving love. Regardless, you are young and not, how do you glimpse. But sometimes it is difficult to acquire your woman. Sometimes there is no time to search. It could be that, you aren’t ready for a long-time walking through the streets, cafes, galleries and observing somebody. It is difficult to acquire exactly the one, who had previously been drawn in your mind. Who is different from any of all women you recognize. The one you will be marrying one day.

If you have already made the decision, that marriage for a Russian woman -- is exactly what you want. Do you find it not absurd to set time aside with this. While you are on a organization trip to Moscow and you have only a couple from hours or days to weeks? Such decisions really should not taken in haste.

The easiest way to pay a beautiful Russian woman, marry her and start your own take pleasure in story.

Nowadays, many issues can be solved over the Internet dating assistance. You can chat with someone who live in a thousand miles away. You don't have to travel such a long way. After all, if you are concluded to marry a fabulous Russian girl. You don't need to cancel everything and fly to another country to make sure you unsuccessfully wander in the city and dedicate a lot of time on latest acquaintances.

Dating recommendations with Russian ladies

You’ve already known the things these women are actually famous for. Ways to conquer the Russian beauty? How to get the girl's attention? There are simple tips.

Be motivated.

As you already know, Russian brides are which means that gentle and passionate. She will sense ones mood even with no words. They are highly insightful. It is important to have got trust between the both of you. This is an important guage of the relationship. The idea shows how good the connection between you.

Give her compliments.

Let her shy. Actually she is pleased. This unique does not mean that you need to overdo it. Stick to the middle.

Of course, give her flowers.

All women like flowers. Ladies consider it as a mild and beautiful hint of attention. Envision how the aroma for the flowers will pack her apartment. Everytime she looks at that bouquet, she will don't forget you.

Take an interest in her opinion.

The following does not mean that you have the same points from view on the situation. Discuss with each other. You will illustrate the interest in the girl's personality by asking her opinion. It shows her importance for you.

Find out her preferences.

What does your lady like, what films have her high rate?. Food, drinks, clothes, colors. That's how to show your interest in her. Most likely, when you'll have evening meal together, this information comes into play handy.

It may seems that serious attempts must be done, which means that finally, the Russian bride becomes the one you love wife. But whatever couples go through this. If everything is usually mutual, you will be aware with the correctness of your personal preference every day of your life.


Finding a perfect Russian bride is not that hard once you know how everything works. Using an online dating platform can offer you new opportunities in your life—don’t waste your time on ladies who don’t deserve you. Websites like AnastasiaDate and LoveSwans can help you meet exactly what you seek! Start a new chapter of your life and enjoy the world of online communication!

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