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Colombian Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Colombian bride or girl for dating, their lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Colombian Mail Order Brides Or Love Online - Useful Dating Tips & Valuable Info

Who is Colombian mail order wife? What is her most common character traits? Where to meet her and what is the most important things you should do to attract her? Read this short guide to find out!

Last Updated: October, 2021
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Why choose Colombian brides?

Colombian women are immensely popular among Westerners. This is due to such character traits:

  1. They are very beautiful and passionate. The girls from Colombia are naturally beautiful, as all Latinas, but that's not all. They know how to look great 24/7, and they do everything (makeup, fitness, diets, etc.) to look even better! These women are also very passionate and sensitive, and they never hide their feelings.
  2. They are traditional when it comes to relationships and family roles.
  3. They know how to cook, how to keep the house clean, and how to raise children. In this context, your Colombian wife will fit the 1950s wife requirements perfectly. But they are not just perfect classic wives — they are much deeper than that (we’ll explain right now).

beautiful colombian girl wearing hat

The national character: what are Colombian girls for marriage like?

Women from Colombia are quite traditional — they come from a male-dominant country, so they share traditional views on gender roles. Colombian society still has certain expectations of how women have to dress, talk, and act; and it's actually not as bad as it might sound. Like Mexican brides, most Colombian women think that a man is expected to be a breadwinner while a woman must be home-oriented and more submissive.

They are 100% romantic — they love romantic gestures, they have sentimental views on love, and they love romantic surprises!

Colombian mail order brides are very religious, and religion is deeply infused in the cultural, social, and public life of this country. It can be a bit complicated (especially if you are not a Catholic), but only if you date a VERY religious lady. Here's some good news: most of these girls, just like the majority of Brazilian wives, are "soft" Christians, not "burn in hell if you don't believe in Christ" Christians. So in most cases, you won't have any problems with that.

Traditional values of Colombian mail order brides

Colombian brides are feminine, sweet, emotional, and they are proud of being so. Unlike some American women who do everything to reject their femininity, girls from Colombia do not try to hide their emotionality and that feminine energy. They are proud of it, they accept themselves, and they are happy about it. Colombian mail order wife want to have kids and again, she sees nothing wrong with it — women in this country are not pressured to give up motherhood for a career. They can work, and they usually do it in Colombia, but there is no such thing as the 'family or career' question in this country. It’s always the family.

But don’t confuse their traditional values and feminine energy with being “too conservative” or “too shy”. These ladies are very, very far from being called obedient or shy, which is cool. But if you expect your Colombian wife to do everything you say no matter what, well… Sorry, this is probably not the right country for you. Maybe there are still some girls like this in some Southeast Asian countries, but definitely not in Latin America.

pretty colombian bride in lingerie

Things you should know before dating a Colombian lady

If you decide to ask this adorable Colombian beauty on a date, remember a few facts about these women:

  • They are very caring, and they do it just because that's what they are.
  • They are extremely emotional, and they usually don’t hide their feelings. If you’ve never met any Latina girls, you may even think that Colombian mail order brides are too expressive and loud, but after all, you’ll love it.
  • They are jealous. It's not about lack of confidence or lack of trust, it's about their culture — Latin men often cheat on their partners, so it's like a preventive defense strategy.
  • PDA is totally ok when you date Colombian girls (and a lot of touching). Even if it’s your first date, she’ll probably touch your hands constantly. It doesn't mean that you'll have sex with them on the first date, it's just a part of their dating culture and etiquette.
  • They have big families, and they support and care for their family members as Dominican mail order brides. You’ll have to deal with it.

What do Colombian brides look like?

They are extremely hot! Most of them have tanned olive skin and really hot bodies (not to mention their amazing faces, hair, eyes, and all that). The combination of their natural beauty and their sense of style is just at another level — just visit any Colombian mail order brides platform and make sure they are really that hot!

How to date a Colombian girl?

Before you start dating one of these girls, read our tips and try to follow them to make a good impression on your partner:

  • Learn about Colombian culture and learn some Spanish. Speaking basic Spanish with a native Spanish speaker might feel a bit awkward at first, but she’ll appreciate it.
  • Prepare to meet her family sooner than you expect — as we’ve said, their families are extremely important for them, and they just don't think that they must wait for a few years to introduce their partners to parents.
  • Buy a gift — they love surprises. It’s all about romance, remember?

What kind of men are Colombian women for marriage looking for?

Women often feel discriminated against in this country, and that’s the problem they want to solve by finding a foreign husband. You need to be respectful, caring, and loving to impress one of these Colombian brides, but that’s not all. Appearance is important for them, too — you don’t need to look like Tom Cruise, of course, but you need to look neat and presentable.

beautiful colombian girl on the street

How to meet a Colombian mail order wife?

Here’s the thing: there’s no need to go to Colombia to find Colombian mail order wives. Thousands of them are available on mail bride websites and the only thing you need to do is sign up for one of the best! After that, you’ll be able to chat, call, and video chat with thousands of the best women from Colombia — and of course, you can arrange a date with any woman you like on these websites.

How much does it cost to marry a Colombian beauty?

Another cool thing about Colombian women for marriage is that it's not that expensive to marry a Colombian girl. The average cost of a wedding in this country is only $3,500, the flights to Colombia cost about only $100-$200, and a trip to this country would cost you about $50-$150 per day. The most expensive part of the story is the K-1 visa — it costs about $2,000.

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Colombian girls are just great, and if you love Latinas, you just can’t ignore the women from this country. Columbia is quite a cheap country, these women are very friendly and open-minded, they love dating and marrying foreigners (especially Americans), they are very hot, and they make great wives. What else could you ask for?