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Colombian Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Colombian bride or girl for dating, their lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Colombian Mail Order Brides: Find Out Where and How to Find Colombian Wives

Latin American brides are coveted for their many amazing features, and Colombian mail order brides are possibly the most famous ones of them. The most popular way of finding Colombian mail order brides is to use dating sites. And here are the best of them:

Last Updated: June, 2024
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Where and how to get Colombian mail order brides?

To get acquainted with Colombian mail order brides, you can use online search and offline search.

  • Offline dating. You can go to Colombia to find a Colombian bride on the spot. The pros of this method are that you do not have to wait—you will immediately see many Colombians. The cons are significant: there may not be enough time to find a Colombian wife, and the big money spent cannot guarantee a result.
  • Online dating. The most efficient way to date. On sites with Colombian brides, you can find many girls determined to get married. You will have time to get to know each other with a potential bride before a real visit. Meetings with loved ones are more exciting and promising than offline dating with many girls.

How to find a Colombian mail order bride online?

To get your Colombian wife online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on sites with potential Colombian wives. Use search filters that are important to you and make your choice.
  2. Arrange a meeting with the bride. You must arrange at least one meeting with a girl to get a wife visa or a fiancé visa for her in the future.
  3. If you want to get married in the US, start the K-1 visa process. If you are planning to get married in another country, then after the wedding, you will need to start applying for a wife visa, namely the CR-1 visa.

Colombian mail order brides cost

Only 20 years ago, the only real solution for meeting Colombian brides was to go directly to Colombia and hope to meet your perfect match when walking the streets or visiting the most popular spots in Colombia. Luckily, these days there is an easier way to find Colombian girls for romance or even matrimony using foreign dating services. These dating sites are aimed at a very specific audience of Colombian singles and American men who are interested in meeting and possibly marrying a person from a different country.

Online dating cost

A successful experience on an overseas mail order bride service doesn’t come for free. You typically are not required to cover any fee to create your account on the site, but the membership on those dating sites is normally a paid one, at least for guys, and can set you back from $10 to $50 per month

During your time on a Colombian dating site, you may also need to pay for additional options such as video or text chat and exchanging photos, get bouquets and presents delivered to your Colombian bride, and pay for translation help if your bride doesn’t know English well enough.

Depending on several factors, such as pure luck and how quick you are to find your ideal lady, you can spend between $500 and $1,500 on online dating services. 

Offline dating cost

When it’s finally time to go to Colombia for the first offline date, you should also take the following expenses for a 14-day trip into account:

  • Tickets to Colombia and back — from $200 to $800
  • Accommodations in Colombia for 14 days — from $700 to $2,500
  • Meals and drinks for two — from $200 to $800
  • Local transportation and taxi for two — from $100 to $300
  • Entertainment for two — from $300 to $1,000

The final cost of your adventure is very much determined by your vacation style, your dating habits, and the activities you and your woman will experience in Colombia together. Adding the cost of your trip to your dating site expenses, the whole experience of searching for a Colombian mail order wife will turn out to be from $2,000 to $6,000 or even more if you decide to impress your lady with expensive gifts for her and her loved ones.

Still, even if your visit to Colombia to meet your lovely bride will be costly, it is far more budget-friendly than going to Colombia when you don’t know anyone there and are simply hoping to meet a potential partner. When you arrive in Colombia to meet your lady eye to eye, she will eagerly show you the best spots in the country without breaking your bank if you just ask.

pretty colombian bride in lingerie

The notion that mail order brides from Colombia may be illegal stems from the fact that many people believe you can financially motivate a Colombian woman to consider you as a husband. In reality, the desire to search for a foreign husband comes solely from the bride herself and there isn’t an agency that delivers women to your door. There is also no opportunity to pay a Colombian lady directly to have her come to your home state. Brides from Colombia are 100% free to pick their potential partners and no amount of money will convince a Colombian girl to marry someone she doesn’t like.

Even after coming to the US with their new husbands, Colombian women are protected by two pieces of legislation:

  • The Violence Against Women Act of 1994, or VAWA
  • The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, or IMBRA.

Together, these two acts protect the safety of foreign women, both before and after they marry US men. For example, according to IMBRA, an American man cannot file several visa applications one by one and is required to undergo a background check if he wants to bring a woman from overseas into the US under a K-1 visa.

Colombian Brides: latin woman

The truth about Colombian brides on dating sites

Even if you have never met any Colombian girls, you can learn a lot about them from the media and from the stories of men who already married brides from Colombia. You can tell from these sources that Colombian girls are too gorgeous for words, have strong family values, and are more passionate than possibly any other woman you’ve dated before. However, those are not the only qualities that influence your choice of a potential girlfriend or wife. Here is what mail order brides from Colombia are really like.

  • On average, a Colombian female is just 5.2 feet tall, which places her in the lower range of female height around the world. The average weight of a Colombian lady is 145 lbs, which means that Colombian girls are not too skinny and look perfectly feminine and in shape.
  • On Colombian dating sites, you can discover potential brides from pretty much any age range. The most popular group is women between 25 and 34 — they usually already have some romantic experience or even a previous marriage under their belt and decide to look for better things in life. There are also many young women from 18 to 24 who are looking for their first and only serious partner or husband. You can also find plenty of women over 35. These women typically have young kids who live with them full-time, but there is also a significant number of women with grown-up children who live on their own.
  • The situation with education in Colombia is better than in many other Latin American countries and continues to improve year after year. Over 80% of Colombian women have secondary education and up to 60% of those women also have tertiary education. So the chances of meeting a highly educated, intelligent Colombian bride with great career prospects are actually higher than one may think.
  • Overseas dating sites are a great place for meeting Colombian mail order brides from all walks of life. Very few of them are unemployed and have no plans to find a permanent job. Lots of Colombian ladies support their families financially, which means that work is their livelihood. When using dating sites, you have the highest chance of meeting a Colombian wife who works in the hospitality industry, education, healthcare, sales, and marketing. There are also many Colombian ladies who work as freelancers and are not attached to one workplace.
  • There is a common myth that age gap unions are prevalent in marriages between individuals from different countries, but this is not entirely true. On average, a Latin American mail order bride is 2 to 6 years younger than her American spouse, and the situation isn’t much different with Colombian singles. In short, a Colombian girl may agree to date or marry a man who is significantly older than her, but she is more likely to seriously consider a potential partner who is closer to her in age.

Colombian women for marriage characteristics

When you meet Colombian women yourself, you'll understand they have so many advantages that it's hard to count all of them. From natural beauty and tanned skin to a friendly personality, a Colombian wife can be truly called a dream girl. 

A Colombian woman charms men with the energy she's spreading, and guys are always attracted to her because she knows her best sides and emphasizes them. When you visit site that specializes on Colombian brides, you'll be spoiled by a choice of gorgeous ladies who can be characterized by the following features:

  • Colombian brides are kind. A Colombian wife is a woman who doesn't like arguing and will encourage you to discuss everything before the situation gets out of control. She understands that when there are certain misunderstandings, the soulmates should join their efforts to fight the emerged problem. Also, a Colombian girl will always be by your side when you need her, supporting you in any endeavors and helping to achieve goals.
  • Hot Colombian women are open-minded. Single Colombian women avoid judging other people. They prefer spending their free time doing more beneficial activities. That is a great trait because they aren't afraid of communicating with foreign men, and there's nothing weird for them about international dating. Also, once you decide to find Colombian wife, don't forget she still adheres to traditional values and strives for a serious relationship.
  • Colombian wives have sensual body complexion. When you visit site that offers to marry a Colombian woman, you'll feel like you've opened the most aesthetic website. Local girls put effort into their outfits and rarely leave their houses without having their makeup on. And when it comes to using Colombian brides sites, they understand that the better their profiles look, the higher are the chances of meeting their soulmates.
  • Colombian brides are flexible. When marrying a Colombian mail order bride, you shouldn't worry about the cultural differences or language barrier because they won't harm the development of your relationships. Latina women study English from a young age and grow up watching Western series. Even girls of younger age aren't afraid of long-distance relationship. They've heard stories when the personal life of their friends became happier after using matrimonial services.
  • Gorgeous Colombian women are sociable. It always amazes men how a Colombian girl manages to have so many friends and stay in touch with all of them. These ladies aren't afraid of talking to strangers in case they have certain questions, and they're the life of the parties because it's easy for these females to make other people feel comfortable around them. 

Colombian Brides: beatiful girl

Can you actually meet and marry real Colombian women for marriage?

For sure, and the truth is that American guys have been doing it for years. In 2020 alone, 470 Colombian brides entered the United States on K-1 visas and married American men shortly afterwards. That number is considerably higher than the 2010 statistics, where 1,314 Colombian females obtained a fiancée visa. Don’t take this as proof that Colombian girls are now any less sought-after among American men. It only shows that the immigration policies have gotten stricter, and now you will need to do slightly more work if you want to enjoy family life with a Colombian lady at home.

A detailed look at the Colombian women you can find online reveals that while many of them don’t have any past marriages or kids, there is a part of Colombian mail order brides who already have marital history and children from previous marriages. In 2020, 130 children immigrated to the US alongside their Colombian mothers, so there is a real chance to get together with a Colombian woman who already has kids but is likely ready to have more kids in a loving and supportive marriage. For Colombian females, matrimony is a vital stage of a romantic relationship, and they cannot imagine a happy marriage without children.

Tips on how to date a Colombian girl

If you want to charm single Colombian ladies, there are specific rules you need to follow. You should understand that dating local single women is unlike being with Western women. These are some tips to help you out:

  • Colombian brides love dating attentive men. Treat Colombian brides like you want to be treated. That's a golden rule that will help you get some bonus points when using a Colombian wife finder and melt your soulmate's heart. Any beautiful Latin woman likes to chat, and when she tells you something, you better pay attention. For example, if she mentions that she likes lilies or yellow color, you can use this information in the future.
  • Listen to your Colombian girl. A Latin woman is always excited to share her ideas and memories with her lover because she is a rather emotional person, and it's crucial for her to stay on the same page with her man. So, once you start dating, appreciate the time she spends telling you about everything and be involved in the conversations.
  • Don't hesitate to surprise your Colombian beauty. A Colombian girl adores surprises, and it's easy to make her feel happy by giving her something meaningful. Actually, it doesn't even have to be something material because even an evening walk or a stroll down the beach will always stay in her memory as one of the greatest gestures of her man.
  • Respect your Colombian wife. When you visit site to find a Colombian woman, don't forget that Latin America ladies only fall for men who treat them as equal partners. Don't tell questionable jokes. Instead, give your lover compliments and ask about her wellbeing.
  • Be open when around beautiful Colombian women. It's better to visit site with Colombian women for marriage when you're ready to open up to your Colombian girl. Relationships have to be based on mutual trust, and it can be established when both partners know about the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

pretty colombian bride

Colombian wedding traditions

When building relationships with Colombian brides, men should remember the importance of family and the opinions of all the relatives, and their impact on the future of such an international couple. In Colombian families, there still is a notable hierarchy, on top of which there are grandparents.

It's often when Colombian brides can't marry men until their grandmothers approve the candidate. It's still common for a Colombian girl to ask for her parents' blessing. As for other local traditions Western men should be aware of, these are the following:

  • The Serenata. This tradition takes place before the wedding ceremony when the groom surprises his Colombian woman by signing a song for her. It's usually performed with a band and in front of family and friends.
  • The Godfather & Godmother. While Maid of Honor and The Best Man are more familiar terms to Western men, you should find out more about the Godfather and Godmother when it comes to marrying Colombian mail order wives. Basically, they're the ones who provide support and advice to the newlyweds throughout the wedding day. They're the replacements for the Maid of Honor and The Best Man. Also, men who married Colombian ladies note that local weddings are always full of flowers, and there will be Flower Girls and Page Boys as well.
  • Coins for the bride. This is a more religious tradition, which is popular among Colombian beauties. It's called "Las Arras" and implies that there's a priest who blesses 13 gold coins. These coins symbolize Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. After that, the priest gives these coins to the groom. Then, he passes them to his Colombian mail order bride. This gesture means that the man is ready to provide and take care of his wife and their family.
  • The Candle ceremony. This is one of the most intimate traditions awaiting you when you're marrying a Colombian woman. A groom and a bride light two separate candles. Then, they light another candle together and blow those each of them held. By doing this, a Colombian woman and her American husband prove that they have become one.
  • Dancing time. Any Latin wedding should include dances because they're part of the local culture. They listen to different styles of music, so be ready to smash the dance floor alongside your beloved Colombian beauty. Also, don't forget to get some practice in advance because your Colombian family members can dance for a long time, and you wouldn't want to look weak in their eyes.
  • The Guayabera. At the wedding, both Colombian brides and their foreign grooms wear traditional outfits of white color. The guayabera is a male's suit made out of cotton or linen. Guys usually wear these costumes because of the high temperatures in the country due to the tropical climate, and it's easier to resist the hot weather and enjoy the wedding when you're wearing light fabrics and colors. Besides, men in such suits complement the outfits of their Colombian beauties, looking really attractive together. Meanwhile, the guests often wear colorful clothing.

beautiful colombian girl on the street

Final thoughts

Colombian brides have every feature you want to see in your life partner, and you are going to be extra happy to find out that they are just as eager to get a chance to meet you as you are excited to date them. Discover the charming brides from Colombia and begin a new chapter of your life!

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