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Korean Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Korean bride or girl for online dating, her lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Last Updated: July, 2024

Stunning Korean Mail Order Brides: Find Your Sweetheart From Asia

Appealing Korean brides are considered very beautiful and charming Asian women. They are adored by men from all over the world and dating such a woman will make all other men jealous. Korean cuties make one of the best wives in the world, their character traits, which were formed under the influence of both the modern world and ancient traditions and customs, really makes them very special and desirable.

Last Updated: July, 2024
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More and more men are dreaming of meeting such a beauty, so if you also want to find your perfect Korean girlfriend, let's find out what sets them apart from all other women, how to win the heart of a Korean girl, and how best to meet Korean mail order brides today.

korean bride online

Where and how to get a Korean bride?

If you're looking for ways to potentially meet a gorgeous Korean bride or are interested in creating your own international love story, here they are:

  1. Online dating. Online dating sites and services will help you make all of your dreams come true. 
  2. Offline dating. Of course, you can also use the old proven method and organize your own trip to Korea, but it is always extra money and time spent. 

If you still want to go to Korea, online dating services will definitely help you here. Most of these sites offer their customers a premium service, romance tour. 

This trip is perfect for single men who have not yet met their partner, during the trip they will visit many matchmaking dates with beautiful Korean brides, as well as for men who have already found their lady of the heart online and want to spend time with her romantically.

Is dating a Korean bride online a good idea?

Definitely! Using a specialized dating service to meet your future Korean bride is a wise decision. With a reliable dating site, you can be sure that you are choosing from real women and you can also not worry about your personal information. Also, dating online is a good idea is that mono-national dating sites with Korean mail order brides have women who are on the same page with you. You are not wasting your time on a girl who wants something casual or just looks for friends unless you want to.

korean mail order bride smiling

Meeting Korean women for marriage online: Step by step

To meet stunning Korean brides in the most time and cost-effective way, follow our short guide on getting a Korean bride online. Read on and find helpful tips on the optimal way of getting a Korean wife.

  • Step 1. Find a mono-national dating site. Some international services can also help you meet some Korean ladies, but their number is less than if you use a specialized platform.
  • Step 2. Check if the site is reliable. To be sure that you are joining a trustworthy dating site, check reviews and real user feedback. If you are using any recommendation of dating websites, consider only popular ratings from reliable sources. Also, if the site you choose has any information in public access take your time to read it, as it may save you from regret.
  • Step 3. Join and create an account. When you choose a Korean dating site, register and fill your account. Don’t forget to add fresh and high-quality photos that show you from your best sides. Korean women will be choosing too, so to get popularity and reach a wider range of singles think of a creative headline, informative bio, and clear expectations from your time on-site.
  • Step 4. Start looking for the most suitable candidates. Most websites have search filters, matching algorithms, and other ways to find Korean singles you are most compatible with. Utilize all of them, not to miss your one.
  • Step 5. Approach a few ladies you like. But don’t base your choice solely on physical attraction. Explore profile information of the lady to see what you have in common or check if there is something that can be a deal-breaker for you, like religion or smoking.
  • Step 6. Get to know ladies and narrow your communication circle. If you have a target of getting a Korean wife, you should eliminate women you are talking to based on who you feel most drawn to.
  • Step 7. When the time is right come to visit and pop a question. Your first trip and proposal can happen separately, but turning an online relationship into an offline one is a very important step to make.

Follow our guide to meet potential brides quickly and effectively.

Is it possible to buy a Korean wife?

No! If you think you can go on a site and order a Korean bride, it doesn’t work like that. By buying a Korean wife of the cost of a Korean mail order bride people think of all expenses from the moment you start your love journey to actually marrying a Korean fiancee.

You can’t buy a human being. And any sites stating you can are not something you should partake in. If you still have questions on whether Korean mail order brides are legitimate read on. And you can also get a full estimate of Korean wife costs in 2022.

pretty korean bride in lingerie

Are Korean brides legitimate?

Getting a Korean bride online is 100% legal—basically, it’s online dating, and neither the US nor South Korea forbids this kind of Internet activity. Marrying a Korean mail order bride is totally legal in Korea, too. Obviously, some documents are required for a US citizen getting married in this country. 

  • You'll have to bring your US passport—if you don't have it with you, you'll need to prove your US citizenship with a certified copy of a birth certificate (not the wallet-sized certificate). 
  • A completed affidavit of eligibility for marriage and written permission from both parents (if you're under 19 years old) are also required. 

Getting your Korean mail order wife to the US is completely legal, too. Hundreds of Korean brides and Korean wives enter the US on a K-1/CR-1 visa every year—your Korean wife/bride will only have to collect all the documents and prove that your relationship is real on the interview, that’s all. After getting a visa, Korean mail order brides get a green card and become US permanent residents.

How much does it cost to get a Korean wife?

But to marry Korean brides, American men need to meet them in their country first. Here’s what you’ll need to pay for to meet Korean mail order brides in Korea:

  • Tickets—$1,300 for a round trip
  • Hotel room—$900 for 2 weeks
  • Food—$400 for 2 weeks
  • Transportation—$200 for 2 weeks
  • Entertainment—$700 for 2 weeks
  • Total—$3,500

korean mail order bride cost


You’ll most likely choose a K-1 visa (fiancé(e) visa) to get your Korean bride to the US—it will cost you around $2,000. If you’re planning to marry her in Korea, you’ll most likely have to pay for the wedding, too. The wedding ceremony will cost you around $8,000, but a fancy wedding party might cost more than $50,000.

What makes Korean mail order wives so special for foreign men?

What man at least once in his life has not heard of the beauty of the peculiarity of Korean girls. Brides from Korea know that secret how to get you back to having a fulfilling and exciting life. At first sight, men fall for beautiful Korean women for marriage, and not only because of their perfect appearance and figures typical for Asian brides, their romantic and subtle natures combined with hard work and the ability to love and care for their partner, have already made them the dream of thousands of men around the world. So what exactly sets them apart from all other girls and makes them so attractive to foreign men? Let’s find it out!

  • Small stature is their national feature in Korea. The average height of Korean girls is only 5.3 ft, which is 0.45 ft lower than the average height of Western men. And the best thing is that Korean mail order wives find tall guys very attractive.
  • Korea is at the top of the thinnest nations in the world. You will definitely be amazed by the petiteness and slenderness of these girls. Moreover, they spend a lot of time on their figure, nutrition, and fitness, and lead a healthy lifestyle the same it Chinese beauties do.
  • Korean mail order wives are well-educated and achieve great success in their professional careers. Nowadays, they are actively engaged in a wide variety of fields, including education, medicine, engineering, scholarship, the arts, law, literature, and sports.
  • Mini-skirts, make-ups, high heels, and sexy outfits are must-haves for every young Korean bride. These girls like Thai mail order brides take great care of their appearance and even in everyday life are very attentive to the selection of clothes and makeup.

korean women dating

Things you should know before dating charming Korean brides

Dating such a cutie can be the most amazing and romantic experience in your life, so if you want to conquer the heart of a pretty Korean bride, there are certain rules. Following are some tips and advice to make your chats, dates, and live meetings with charming Korean mail order brides a start of your own love story.

  • Do not be boring. They have a great desire to learn new things, which means that they are keen to try new things as much as Filipino women for marriage like to do, they will ask you a lot of questions about your personal life, interests, work while sharing their own life stories and experiences. Moreover, Korean wives are very adventurous and curious, so you can plan a trip together for the weekend, it will definitely help to win the heart of your Korean lover.
  • Respect her family. One of the most important stages of your relationship with a Korean bride is meeting her parents and family members. When you are introduced to her parents, try to show your best side. Tell them more about your future plans, your work, and your personal achievements.
  • Be patient. Don’t worry too much about trying to impress her, just be yourself, relax and enjoy her company. Take it slow to start with, so that you can get to know each other better. Do not pressure her and give her more time. Moreover, public displays of affection are negatively perceived in Korea; and it can also scare your Korean wife, especially at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Be a gentleman. Always be good-mannered and caring when dating Korean wives. They are very quiet and shy as Vietnams, but they expect you to be patient and not act too pushy or even aggressively. Good manners, kind compliments, and stories, small signs of love and care are the main things you should pay attention to when dating such a lady.

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Nowadays, online dating services are the perfect way for every single man to find and meet stunning Korean girls for marriage. Once you have found your perfect match from Korea, do not miss your chance and plan your romantic trip to her home country today.

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