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Chinese Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Chinese bride or girl for dating, her lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Last Updated: July, 2024

Chinese Mail Order Brides — Everything You Need To Know About Them

Join the world of online communication and meet magnificent and phenomenal Chinese brides — girls who will change the way you see romantic relationships. In this article, we are going to share with you our most hidden secrets about online dating and how to have a perfect date with a Chinese lady looking for husband.

Last Updated: July, 2024
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After reading our guide, you will become the master of communication with Chinese mail order brides. Nothing could stop you — you will be prepared for everything! If you are ready, then let’s begin your journey toward true love and happiness together with Chinese women for marriage!

chinese bride online

Where and how to get a Chinese bride?

If you are head over heels about Chinese brides, there are lots of opportunities to meet them. But all your options can generally be divided into online and offline ones. If you choose offline dating you’ll need to be ready to travel to China, and if you choose an online option, you’ll need to pick a dating service that meets your needs. To help you choose the right option for you we gathered all the main pros and cons.

Pros of looking for a Chinese bride offline

  • You can have an adventure of a lifetime
  • You can explore culture, meet new people while traveling
  • Traveling to China is expensive
  • No guarantees to meet like-minded Chinese singles
  • Language barrier
  • Time-consuming and you need to put off work

Pros of Chinese online dating

  • The comfort of dating from any place you like
  • Specialized services help you meet with women who share your dating goals
  • Many active Chinese brides online
  • Interactive communication ways
  • Search tools and matching helps to save time on looking for a match

Cons of online dating services

  • Choosing a reliable Chinese dating site is not easy
  • You always should be cautious online

Taking into account all the discovered pros and cons, we can see that online dating sites, especially specialized dating sites are the most effective way to find a wife from China.

cute chinese lady flirting

Is dating a Chinese bride online a good idea?

Sure thing! Having a long-distance relationship with a Chinese beauty is not just a good idea but an effective and comfortable way to find a partner online. The best way is to go for a mono-national or country-specific dating website. For example, a reliable Asian dating site can help you meet single women not just from China, but also other countries of the region. But if you want to choose from just Chinese ladies you can opt for a trustworthy Chinese dating platform.

Meeting Chinese women for marriage online: Step by step

Getting a Chinese mail order bride online is easier than you think. You don’t need to do through 100 steps, there are just a few things you should do to meet a suitable match. And we have gathered the main steps for you into a handy guide on how to get a Chinese wife.

  • Step 1. Find a trustworthy dating site. This step is very important as from the quality of the service you choose will depend on the whole experience. Join only reliable platforms that have positive reviews and are in the public eye. 
  • Step 2. Join and create a profile. Take time to fill in and add photos to your profiles. Statistically, fully filled profiles with at least 3 photos get 10 times more attention if compared to poorly filled ones.
  • Step 3. Utilize search tools. To save time on finding your future Chinese wife see in the site has search filters or on-site matching that takes into consideration your preferences.
  • Step 4. Approach Chinese women you like. Don’t be shy to write a message to beautiful women. If they are registered, they are also looking for a boyfriend or husband. 
  • Step 5. Get to know your girl and visit her in her hometown. With time narrow your chats to one lady and when the time is right ask her on a real date and see if she is the one to become your life partner.

These 5 steps are not hard to follow. Just have a little courage to follow your desires to meet a hot Chinese woman that can potentially become your partner for life.

pretty chinese bride in red bra

Is it possible to buy a Chinese wife?

Some people have a misconception about Chinese mail order brides that they are women for sale. But in reality, you can’t buy a woman, there is no catalog, where you can pick a lady you like and get her shipped to your doorstep. It might seem cool, but buying a human is illegal. 

By cost of Chinese mail order brides is mean all expenses one has during the process of dating and it has nothing to do with actually buying someone. You need to understand that you just pay for dating services and dome other related costs and women if not getting money out of that. Modern Chinese singles online are looking for love and are interested in foreign men. If you want to budget your international dating properly, read on and get an estimate of the average cost of a Chinese bride.

How much does it cost to get a Chinese wife?

Meeting a Chinese bride is now easier than ever—just create an account on a Chinese mail order brides platform, and voila, it’s done. However, you can’t get a Chinese mail order wife online—you’ll have to meet your Chinese wife in-person to marry her and to take her to the US. Here’s a full Chinese mail order bride cost breakdown:

  • Round-trip tickets—$1,700
  • Hotel room—$650 for 2 weeks 
  • Food—$300 for 2 weeks 
  • Transportation—$200 for 2 weeks 
  • Entertainment—$450 for 2 weeks
  • K-1 visa—$2,025
  • Total—$5,325

chinese mail orde bride cost

Online dating has been around for more than 2 decades, over the span of which, millions of people have found each other online. It is truly a perfect opportunity for you to find a Chinese wife online. Over 65 million Chinese girls use online dating! But what makes ladies from this country so popular? Why are a lot of guys from Western countries so interested in dating and marrying these girls? Well, let’s take a closer look at Chinese woman characteristics and what these fine girls can offer to you. Maybe you will find here something that you have been looking for all these years!

  • Chinese brides know what men want. So, do Chinese women make good wives? They understand what kind of relationships Western men seek. So, they know how they should behave with Americans. It doesn’t mean these ladies do anything to fit in with a foreign husband. No, Chinese wives just do everything so wonderfully that almost every guy would find them irresistible.
  • Chinese mail order brides are traditional. One of the main qualities of Chinese girls for marriage is the fact that they are traditional. Although modern ways of life have changed many traditions, it is still possible to say that many Chinese families stick to some traditions and customs. For instance, a lot of families are interested in getting their daughters married. However, nowadays, a marriage between a foreigner and a Chinese mail order wife is not viewed as something appalling—such marriages are rather common.
  • Women from this country are beautiful. Although beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, Chinese mail order wives tend to follow all the trends in the world of fashion. Chinese standards of beauty are not followed by every single woman. However, one can see that plenty of young girls try to look the best they can. And indeed they look wonderful. In China white, pale skin is the beauty ideal in stark contrast to the West where a year-round tan is sought after by most. Most girls that you will find would prefer slim or thin body shapes. In the west, there is also more of a focus on fitness, with women being expected to be skinny and toned, whereas in China the emphasis is really just on being thin.

chinese women dating

Where to seek Chinese brides?

Reading about beautiful and mesmerizing Chinese mail order brides is wonderful. However, you may start wondering — where can you find a nice and perfect Chinese girl. Well, if you don’t want to fly to China and spend weeks of your time, we have a perfect solution for you. Online dating is popular and common in China. And we have the best selection of dating sites with Chinese women personals that can help you find exactly whom you desire!

  • If you are interested in serious relationships with Chinese women for marriage, then check out AsianDate — a website with a great reputation, diverse communication tools, and thousands of active girls.
  • Simple, quick, and effective online dating experience can be brought to you by AsianFeels — another wonderful platform that can help you find great Chinese dates.
  • If you value your time and want to get the most of it, then you need to try out AsianMelodies. This website among other Chinese mail order sites respects your time, allowing you to do everything quickly and effectively.

Things that can go wrong with a Chinese mail order wife

cute chinese lady flirting

On your journey to find a perfect bride, you may chat with many girls. And sometimes, men do stupid things while communicating with foreign girls. If you don’t want to look like a fool or simply offend your potential wife, take a look at these simple tips that will help you have the perfect time of your life!

  1. Don’t compare your Chinese bride to other Asian women. Even though these girls live in Asia, this doesn’t mean that they are similar. Sure, they may have some similarities in appearance and traditions, but don’t treat them the same way.
  2. Don’t rush into serious relationships. While most girls that you will find online would want to date and marry you, Chinese brides need more time to get used to you. So, don’t try to rush your date into committing to you. Let her do it in her own way!
  3. Don’t talk about your past relationships. Even though Chinese girls are not as jealous and passionate as Latin brides, it is still kind of rude to tell your current date about your past relationships.


Now you can see that dating and marrying Chinese girlfriend is not that difficult. There are dozens of other benefits of looking for Chinese wife and being with her. And you will see how simple and effective it is to find a woman from this country online. All you have to do is make the first step!

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