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Japanese Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Japanese bride or girl for online dating, her lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Japanese Mail Order Brides & Online Women Dating

When it comes to American-Japanese marriages, it's almost always an American man and a Japanese woman. In simple words, it means that Japanese brides are very popular in the United States — well, much more popular than Japanese grooms. What is the reason for this phenomenon? We'll tell you here!

Last Updated: December, 2021
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Why choose Japanese brides?

Every year more and more Westerners choose to marry Japanese women, and this is for the following reasons:

  1. Japanese mail order brides are smart and educated — this country has one of the top-performing education systems and that stereotype about smart Japanese people is actually 100% true.
  2. They are independent and very hardworking as the majority of Asian brides — very similar to American women in this regard. But at the same time, they still respect traditional gender roles, and your Japanese mail order wife will most likely have no problems with keeping the house clean and cooking the stuff.
  3. They are very family-focused, it's a part of their culture. When you marry a Japanese woman, you always marry into her family.

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The national character: what are Japanese girls for marriage like?

Japanese girls for marriage are more focused on inner beauty when it comes to relationships. You don’t need to look like Johnny Depp in his younger days, but you need to be a good person to attract them.

Like Filipino wives, Japanese mail order brides are feminine and despite Westernization, they don’t try to compete with men. It’s not just about a career, it’s about everything, including relationships.

Traditional values of Japanese wife

A few decades ago, Japanese wife had traditional roles — she had to take care of her parents and to serve her husband, to take care of the children and to raise them, to prepare food, etc.

Today, they are not as traditional as you might think. Thus, Japanese women are not forced into early marriage anymore — the average age of first marriage in Japan is 29.6 years for women (it's even higher than in the US where this age is 27.9 years). At the same time, the divorce rate in Japan is much lower than in the US (1.8 vs 3.2 per 1,000 people) — but it's not about traditions, it's more about economic reasons.

But in general, it's quite hard to tell if Japanese girls are traditional or modern (it's not just about the girls by the way, this statement can be easily applied to the whole country and its culture). This country is unique — it combines modern Western social trends with some ancient Japanese traditions, so it's impossible to call Japanese "modern" or "traditional". They combine the best of both worlds, and that's what Americans love most about these beautiful women.

Things you should know before dating Japanese mail order brides

If you want to have a Japanese mail order wife, here’s what you need to know: these ladies are different from American women. Let’s talk about 3 things you must be aware of before you start searching for a Japanese girl for marriage.

pretty japanese girl laying on the floor

  • They can be Buddhist or Shinto, but in reality, there are no problems with interfaith relationships when we're talking about Japanese girls. As Korean mail order brides, they are not overly religious, so don't worry about it.
  • They are VERY educated. If you want to find an educated partner for life who will always be able to support you and to help you make the decisions, you need a Japanese wife. These females can play various roles because of their intelligence — they can be great mothers, housewives, business women, etc.
  • Marrying a foreigner is not that common in Japan — only 1.3% of Japanese brides do it. However, that’s not because they have any kind of prejudice or bias — we are sure that you’ve heard that some women from Japan tend to look down on foreigners, but in short, that’s not true. Especially when we’re talking about the Japanese mail order brides and women from China.

What do Japanese women look like?

They are very beautiful. Unlike curvy Latinas, they have pale skin, small oval faces, dark hair and eyes, and they are usually skinny/petite. But it's not just their natural beauty, of course — it's also about high beauty standards. Thus, Japanese girls don't go out with messy hair and always look dressed up even when they are going to a store down the street.

Want some details? Google Misaki Ito, Koyuki Kato, or Kou Shibasaki — they are the best examples of how Japanese women look. Oh, and here’s one more thing: these women are in their 40s, and we have chosen them for a reason. The thing is, almost all Japanese women age much slower than women from the United States — it's all about skin care, makeup, genetics, diets, fitness, and lots of other factors.

How to date a Japanese lady?

For a successful date with one of Japanese mail order brides, consider these tips:

  • Choose the place in advance. It’s not about “leading the date” but about how important the organization is for Japanese women.
  • Always be honest and don’t play games. Yes, that’s probably not what you expect from Japanese girls, but their whole society is honest and straightforward, so most of them don't like men who lie, hide the truth, and play games in relationships.
  • Never be late. Just don’t — most Japanese girls are very punctual and if someone is late on the very first date, they consider it a red flag. They are very similar to Thai girls in this regard.

beautiful japanese girl sitting on the chair

What kind of men is a Japanese wife looking for?

Smart (because they are smart), well-educated (because that’s what they are), respectful, and caring. But it’s Japan, so it’s not that simple.

Thus, it would be perfect if a foreigner can read the air — read the body language, hear "between the lines", and, like, understand the situation without words. That's very important for Japanese people and Vietnams, but don't worry about it. It's almost impossible for a person who was not raised in Japan to understand this concept.

And of course, a man mustn’t be a charai. If someone is calling you charai in Japan, it could mean a few things: you're good at talking at girls; you're looking great; you're flirty; you're flashy; you're a womanizer. Sometimes it's a good word, sometimes it's not, but being charai is never a good thing if you're looking for a long-term partner.

How to meet a Japanese beauty?

Find a good Japanese mail order brides site and consider it done — tens of thousands of beautiful Japanese girls want to meet an American man, and the absolute majority of them use such platforms. Sign up, start chatting, use video chat — it’s very simple and the only problem is that such websites are usually not free to use. Well, they typically cost $40-$60 per month, so we believe it won’t be a problem for you.

How much does it cost to marry a Japanese girl?

Japan is an expensive country and you should be ready to spend at least $35,000 if you're going to marry a woman from this country. The flight to Japan will cost you about $700-$1,000, 1 day in Japan will cost you about $100-$300, and an average wedding in this country costs about $31,000.

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These girls are great — tender, beautiful, smart, and very family-centered. Japanese women make perfect wives, and the great news is that you don’t need to go to Japan to meet them. Just choose any mail order bride platform, sign up, and start searching for your future Japanese wife!