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Filipino Mail Order Brides & Online Dates

Learn more about the character of the Filipino bride or girl for dating, their lifestyle, and main hobbies.

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Filipino Mail Order Brides—Why Are They Ideal For American Men?

Filipinas are very attractive to American men. In 2019 alone, they received more than 7,000 K-1 visas (fiancé visas). Their beauty is unusual, while the character is soft and feminine. But how do you get the best Filipino bride? Where to look for her? We will tell you in our detailed guide.

Last Updated: June, 2024
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In 2019, the Philippines was the most popular place for online communication in the world. More than 7 thousand of young and beautiful Philippines girls for marriage met American husbands and moved to the United States.

Indeed, this country has helped thousands of single men from the United States to find true love and happiness online with Filipino mail order brides. And it can help you as well!

Where and how to get Filipino mail order bride?

There are two ways to meet a Filipino girl:

  1. Offline dating. This method involves a trip to the Philippines and "casting" brides on the spot. It is an exciting option if you have free time now and a few thousand dollars to spend, for example, two weeks there plus the cost of tickets.
  2. Online dating. It is a more thoughtful and versatile option because you will see many Philippines girls for marriage without leaving your home. You will also have time to network and make your visit to the Philippines more exciting and effective.

How to find a Filipino mail order bride online?

Finding Philippines brides online is simple and has long been studied. It consists of several stages:

  1. Registration on sites with Filipino brides. Define search criteria for yourself and start looking, getting to know different girls.
  2. There will come a moment when you feel that you have a girl you are ready to meet. If you are planning a marriage, one meeting is required to obtain a fiancée visa.
  3. After the first meeting, continue your acquaintance or apply for a K-1 fiancé visa.
  4. The visa allows Filipino brides to come to the US for 90 days for marriage and subsequently receive a green card.

How much does Filipino mail order bride cost?

Fortunately, in the 21st century, it is impossible to buy a girl. It is illegal and immoral. At the same time, dating a Philippines girl for marriage is associated with certain financial costs.

First, let's calculate the average cost of a trip to Manila for 2 weeks:

  • Flight tickets Manila-Washington—$1,700
  • Hotel room—$1,260
  • Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day—$1,008
  • Price of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass—$13.51
  • Price of entertainment for 14 days for two—$504
  • The total cost—$4,485

After one offline meeting, you can already apply for a fiancé visa. Its cost consists of several payments:

  • Forms submission fees—$2,290
  • Medical exam—$180 on average
  • Ticket for the arrival of your bride in the US—$850
  • Thus, the cost of dating a Filipino bride will be about $7,850.

Are Filipino mail order brides legal? 

Marriages with Philippines mail order brides are not prohibited. It is clearly confirmed by the statistics of issued marriage visas, which we cited at the beginning of the article.

The concept of "mail order of the bride" does not mean anything wrong, it's just a term that appeared at the end of the 17th century and denoted the connection of American men with foreign women. Now brides and grooms communicate by email and using instant messengers, but the term is still used. 

Websites with mail order brides do not suggest anything illegal. These are dating sites with a standard package of services and international marriages' specifics.

Let’s start with the simple things—what makes these Filipino mail order wives so popular. While each guy may seek his own ideal woman for marriage online, a few factors make Filipino wives appealing and popular among Westerners. Online dating in this country is very popular the same as it is in Thailand and Korea — 71% of Filipinos know at least one couple who met online! Let’s take a look at these factors closer:

  • Those ladies are gorgeous. This is the most common reason why a lot of men from the United States are looking for a wife or girlfriend online—they want to find a beautiful foreign partner. And Filipina bride is endowed with natural and mesmerizing appearance. Young ladies from this country rarely use cosmetics, simply because they are naturally attractive. They are generally slender, with a good figure and long legs. They share a lot with Japanese brides when speaking about beauty. Furthermore, they have a subtle Asian eye shape, a neat nose, shiny black hair, a gorgeous smile, and snow-white teeth.
  • Friendly approach is the way to go. Online dating is all about communication, and you will see how communicative and sociable girls from the Philippines are! They will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable.
  • Family is above all. Finding a date from the Philippines means finding a woman with strong family values. Families are large and friendly in this country, which means you will not only have a Filipina mail order bride who is family-oriented, but also a lot of new relatives who will be there to support you whenever you need it.
  • They are both humble and passionate. Like Vietnamese wives, Filipino mail order brides represent a perfect combination of humbleness and passion. Your date won’t make scenes if you are late. But they will passionately stand their ground.

Why do Filipino women seek foreign husbands?

There are a few things that girls from this country are looking to find in a man. 

  1. First, the most important thing for a Filipino mail order wife is that a man should be interesting and fun. He should know how to make her laugh because laughter and positive emotions are crucial for a happy family life.
  2. Second, Filipino girls for marriage expect European men to be the heads of the family. Indeed, while gender roles in this country are not that strict as in other Asian countries, it is important to understand that most Phillipino brides would expect you to be in charge of all things, including making money.

Ladies from this region seek Western men because they know how responsible guys from the United States are. Foreign men who look for serious relationships online know what they are looking for, which is why a foreign husband online is always a man who is responsible.

Where to find a mail order bride from cities in the Philippines

There is a handful of destinations you can visit to meet Filipino brides of your dreams. However, your chances are higher in bigger cities because there's an immense concentration of attractive Philippines mail order wives. We've created a top 5 list with the largest Filipino cities, so check it out!

  1. Quezon City. Many Filipino brides are attracted by the urban and modern style prevalent in this city, which also offers many attractions and boasts a significant cultural heritage. The spirit of dynamism and innovation seems to be in the air in Quezon City, and the reason for it is the large number of universities located there.
  2. Manila. The Philippines ' capital is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia. It offers different attractions to the visitors and their Philippine brides, from enjoying beaches and exploring the jungles to enjoying the beauty of the old city. In Manila, many historical places are definitely worth visiting alongside Philippine women.
  3. Davao City. Being the third-largest city in the Philippines, it's known for its advancing economic activities, being the country's leading business center. Many Filipino mail order brides who strive to build successful careers and fulfill their interests come to live and work in this city while also hoping to meet their lovers in the hustle and bustle of the city.
  4. Caloocan. A noisy, fast-paced city where so many things happen at one moment attracts Filipino brides thanks to its impressive tourist destinations and great opportunities for studying. Also, Caloocan has some of the most fabulous resorts in the country and gorgeous Filipino singles. And it seems unbelievable how one city combines so many attractions.
  5. Cebu City. Having the largest seaport in the country, this thriving and energetic metropolis attracts many girls both thanks to its innovations and the preservation of centuries-old traditions. There's rapid economic growth happening in the city, which is a good sign for many Filipina women who want to make their dreams come true.

9 Tips for successful dating a Filipina girl for marriage

Philippines girl for marriage

A Filipino mail order bride is a woman who knows her worth, so she won't settle for less. And if you want to win her heart, you need to be prepared. So follow the mentioned steps to achieve success:

  • Put your Filipino bride first. Filipina girls love to know that their lovers would put them in the first place at any time, no matter how many tasks they have. Therefore, if you date online and want to be happy in marriage, you need to ensure that your woman is pleased with everything. Such care about Filipino brides will have positive effects in the long run, and you'll understand that your soulmate is truly the one who deserves all your time and attention. Good wives deserve to marry foreigners who'll give them love.
  • Give sincere compliments to your Philippines girl. Want to lighten up the mood of Filipina brides? Just tell them you adore their sense of humor, the way they did their dark hair today, or that this dress perfectly matches their eyes. It's about paying attention to small details because many women don't usually wait to receive such compliments from Western men. Take you chance to show your lover that you're even better than she imagined.
  • Be confident when around Filipino ladies. Although Filipino women, the same as European brides, want to have equal rights with their men, they still prefer it when guys take the lead. So, even if something unexpected occurs, don't let your emotions take the control. Stay calm and think fast—Filipino wives fall for such men.
  • Make an effort to win the heart of a Filipina wife. Filipino ladies don't want to be taken for granted, so show your lover that you're interested in having her by your side. Bring flowers, ask about her personal preferences, offer help, send Philippines women cute gifts, and don't forget about spending quality time together. Filipino girls, similar to Western women, love attentive gentlemen.
  • Be sincere when communicating with Filipino mail order brides. Women in the Philippines hate it when men are trying too hard to get their attention that they start pretending to be someone else. Don't do that. Be yourself and show your lady your true personality (even the goofy side). Most girls will highly appreciate your readiness to open up to them.
  • Prove to Filipino girls that you're a reliable man. Filipino brides don't want to deal with all the issues themselves and are looking for men who aren't afraid of taking responsibility. You can prove this by meeting Filipino brides parents because this step requires men to be fully confident about their decision. Philippines dream that men from a foreign country will be ready for commitements.
  • Understand the love language of Filipino mail order brides. There are different types of love language, and when both partners prefer the same type, it's easier, but when they have different approaches to showing their affection, they need to put effort into understanding each other. So, before marrying Filipino women, guys usually do the "research" to understand whether these are gifts, praise words, or other actions that make local women happier.
  • Show affection to Filipina mail order brides. Philippines women highly value their soulmates' ability to not be afraid to speak about their feelings and show them in different ways. So, if you hesitate to tell her "I love you" every day, bring flowers, or simply help with routine tasks, don't linger because your woman will surely appreciate your efforts.
  • Help your Filipino mail order bride to solve problems. Filipino wives, as well as Slavic brides, seem so gentle, and any man would want to protect them from dealing with complex issues. So, if you have time, resources, or ideas that can help you prevent your lover from a dating site from addresing the problems on her own, don't be afraid to offer her your assistance.

How to have a flawless date with Filipino brides?

filipino mail order brides

You should always strive to have the best time of your life with an online date. Even if you see that a Philippines girl for marriage is not ideal for you, don’t offend her or do something disrespectful. Online dating is all about fun and enjoyment. And here is what you need to do to have a perfect date with mail order brides from Philippines:

  • Ask about your date’s background and family. If you want to make a great first impression, show your date that you are interested in her life. Especially, ask questions about her family—it will tell your Filipino wife that you are a family-oriented person as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your life with Filipina brides. Very often, European and American men tend to ask a lot of questions but not share a lot about their lives. Rest assured, like any Chinese girl for marriage, your bride would be very interested to learn about who you are and what you like.
  • Always be respectful and attentive. Even if you are using a popular dating sites, it doesn’t mean that you can be mean, dishonest, or disrespectful!

Wedding traditions & marriage with Filipino brides

Filipino wedding customs are unique and interesting, so you should make sure to know about them in advance not to feel awkward when your bride's family starts discussing them. Here are some of the most popular ones that are always present on the local weddings:

  • Formal introductions. This is the first and the most critical step in international marriage because that's when the parents of Filipino brides meet the parents of Western men. It's when the proposal becomes official, and two families unite into one. There are many specific local traditions that vary by region, but all of them usually include a small feast together while discussing wedding plans.
  • Wedding announcements. This is when Filipino girls and their grooms visit each wedding guest personally to hand down the invitations. Also, that's an excellent opportunity for them to ask certain people to become their godparents or sponsors while presenting small gifts.
  • Wedding preparations. A day before the wedding ceremony is meaningful because there are still so many things that has to be done. For example, the families of a Philippine bride and her man prepare the reception aread, cook dishes, and make sure all the deliveries, designs, and other organizational moments have been taken care of.
  • Parental blessing. Philippines women and American guys ask their parents for blessing by kissing their hands or touching their foreheads with the back of their hands. The parents give their blessings in return.
  • The lighting of the unity candle. Since there are sponsors at the wedding with Filipino mail order brides, they become the ones who light two separate candles. After that, each of them gives a candle to a man and a woman, and they, in their turn, light a Unity Candle. This action shows that they became a family.
  • A shower of rice. Rice is the symbol of bounty and rain, which are the signs of good blessing. So when a Filipino women for marriage and her husbands come out of the church, the guests throw rice over them.
  • Money dance. The first dance of Philippines mail order brides with their husbands is the money dance. This means that the guests attach money with pins on newlyweds' clothes while they're on the dance floor.


Filipino wives and singles are wonderful, which is why they are the most popular mail order brides in the world. You are a lucky guy if you decide to seek a girl from this country. This article can help you learn how to start dating Philipines mail order brides. But rest assured, everything depends on you!

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