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Filipino Mail Order Brides

Discover the key character traits of the Filipina wife and find ways to draw their attention. Make sure you behave properly with Filipino Mail Order Brides to gain their respect and finally make them fall in love with you.

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Last Updated: July, 2020

Discover Perfect Filipino Brides

The Philippines is an amazing country. It attracts people by its numerous beautiful beaches, paradisaical flora, and the majority of sights and types of entertainment suited to every fancy.

However, the biggest attraction of this location is their filipina mail order brides. Their exotic appearance is enticing and makes all men feel vertiginous. This is the key reason why these girls are so popular among European and American men.

So, how easy is it to get a filipina bride and what to know before getting acquainted? Check out the answers in the article.

Last Updated: July, 2020
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Key characteristics of the Filipina wives that make them stand out in a crowd

In order to become a good husband for an Asian lady, a man should be well-prepared. It means that without some background information about a Filipina wife, the process of winning her heart will be quite complicated. To avoid difficulties, learn how these girls differ from others and what their personalities look like. Also, find out the ways to attract them and gain their respect.

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Delightful appearance

Filipina wives are naturally beautiful. They have dark deep eyes. The shape of their noses is correct, and their lips are full. They possess tempting facial features and juicy skin color. They do not have to apply lots of cosmetics to achieve the necessary skin tone. They already have it. This is due to living in the country of sun, which is the only make-up foundation and concealer for them.

However, Filipino mail order brides are not impressed by their skin. They do not understand European ladies who spend hours on the beach trying to achieve the color of the skin the Asian girls have. In turn, Filipina wives try to avoid sunbeams. Instead, they are eager to gain aristocratic skin pallor by applying various masks that include lime and papaya elements with the bleaching effect.

Unsophisticated clothing style

Almost all Filipina wives are tiny. They are like pretty dolls. This is why they look good in anything they wear. Even if you see this Asian woman in shorts and a T-shirt, you will still find her attractive.

However, these women love looking good. Their traditional clothes include a blouse and a long skirt. Their blouse is called baro, and the skirt is known as saya. This style originated many years ago; however, many women in the Philippines still follow it.

Complete Obedience

This characteristic is one of the most important factors that make gentlemen decide to take a better look at Philippine women for marriage. Obedient Asian ladies are a true gift for foreign men from around the world. They value that these ladies try to avoid conflicts and, in most cases, remain on their husband’s side.

filipina girl

This can be explained by the fact that the majority of Filipino mail-order brides do not have higher education. This makes it difficult for them to participate in different discussions and get their point across. This is why girls do not dispute with their husbands and agree almost to everything they say. Isn’t it a true blessing?

Love and passion

Now, get ready for the most pleasant thing. All Filipina wives are passionate and always ready to make love. This Asian lady will never search for reasons to deny their men’s affection.

It does not matter how they feel or what they do, love is always in the first place. They are not afraid to get pregnant. What is more, being pregnant is not even a reason for them to avoid intimacy with their husbands.

Attitude to divorce

When they become wives, are totally against divorce and try to avoid it by all possible methods. They are afraid of being ashamed after the divorce and overreact to what people say and how they comment on their personal life.

In fear to be left alone without the protection of the man, Philippine women for marriage will fight to preserve their family by all possible means. What is the reason for such anxiety? According to national traditions, which are very strict in the Philippines, the girl has to be a virgin when walking down the aisle. When her family breaks down, it becomes very difficult for her to attract some other man, while she has lost her innocence during the previous marriage.

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Sleepy girls

Compared to European women, mailorder brides of Philippines love to sleep a lot. They can sleep longer than others, and after waking up, they feel that this amount of sleeping does not suffice for them to be productive.

Apart from being sleepy beauties, they are very lazy and do not like cooking, especially some new dishes. If you want to have a tasty dinner, just let your Filipino mail-order bride sleep for some time and then ask for everything you want.

Communication skills

Filipina brides are very talkative. They discuss merely everything. However, it does not mean that chatting with them will look like a high-level negotiation. As it has been mentioned before, many of them do not have education, so their conversation topics may be not so varied.

Lack of education has not influenced the desire of almost all Asian women in the Philippines to get along well with their potential husbands. For this, they learned the English language. This knowledge helps understand men and fulfill their primary wishes.

Mathematical mindset

Filipino brides are very good at financial calculations. Again, they got it from nature and did not need to graduate from the university to create and manage the family budget.

They have a so-called financial plan for expenditures in their family. When they need to go to the shop, they take the amount of money that they have allocated to shopping. No more, no less. Such a skill helps save money and purchase more expensive and valuable things later.

World-known women with the Filipino roots

Did you know that almost all beauty competitions have been won by Filipino girls? Filipino wives won prizes such as Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss Supranational.

Apart from that, you probably know these famous ladies who are renowned singers, actresses, and TV hosts.

  • Megan Young is partially American and partially Filipino. She is a great model, TV host, and actress.
  • Valerie “Bangs” Garcia is a pure Filipino girl. She is a famous TV and movie actress. Also, she is a gifted painter.
  • Nicole Scherzinger is an outstanding singer and model. Her father is a Russian man, but her mother is a Filipino woman.
  • Pia Wurtzbach was born due to the union of the German man and Filipina woman. She is a model who won the Miss Universe prize in 2015.
  • Lauren Young is the sister of Megan Young. This beautiful lady is an actress and model. She won the Miss World prize in 2013.

How to draw the attention of the Filipino mail order bride

So, do you imagine a pretty Filipino girl in the role of your wife? For this, you have to learn how to behave with them to gain your goal and create solid relationships. Check out the following tips.

Love is just for two

When you go out somewhere, try to keep calm and do not display your passion and love in public. Filipino brides are sure that good relationships have to remain personal. Emotions should not be shown to others. Sometimes, women even do not approve hugging or kissing somewhere around other people.

filipina woman


Filipino mail order brides are very friendly. Thus, they like people who are open and kind to others as well. When choosing between a handsome man and a nice friendly man, she will definitely decide on the last one.

Respect to family

This statement is extra important to take into account when communicating with Filipino women. Discuss the topics of their families and religion very carefully. They react very actively and negatively when you accuse your parents of something or disapprove of their religion and approach to life. A wrong phrase about something like this can simply put an end to your relationships.

Care about family

Girls in the Philippines respect the men who are caring about their families. Filipina brides love to feel that they are wanted and needed. When they feel this, they do the same regarding their husbands. Women love to be weaker than their men, and they appreciate when their husbands protect and cherish them.

Summarizing the personality type of Filipino wives

Philippine women for marriage are a real treasure for foreign gentlemen. This beautiful Asian girl will never cheat on her husband. She will never check her man’s pockets in search of money. She will never take his smartphone without permission to read messages or look through social media accounts. She will not act out when her man comes home after a few beers with his friends. She loves him and tries to display this feeling through such behavior.

At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a Filipino wife in the kitchen when cooking a savory steak or washing the pans to shining. Naturally, they care about the house but compared to Slavic brides, Filipina women are less engaged in household duties.

These Asian ladies are for love. They are used to a calm and easy life. The main priority for them is feeling that the man needs her presence in his life.