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Mail order bride dating has already become a trend. Millions of people around the world join online services to find love and happiness with the soulmate. And there is no wonder that singles choose the digital world instead of the real one as it is a much quicker way to find the right partner.

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Online dating helped us to get rid of social fears and go after a dream. But there is so much diversity in the services that one might be confused about what to select. How to make the right choice? What are the advantages of matching with a foreign bride? At last, what is mail order bride dating is about in the first place?

When it comes to mail order bride dating, new users can get lost. Fortunately, we gathered all the necessary information you might need. Moreover, you can find reviews on all the best mail order bride sites here and now. Read further to explore all the wonderful world of mail order brides.

What is mail order bride dating?

Mail order bride dating allows you to match with stunning foreign brides from all over the world with the shared goal – to find love. This is a romantic, yet practical way to find the right person to spend the life with.

Thus, mail order brides publish their profiles on the services, stating what kind of men they are seeking. They reveal all the information about their lives, such as their education, work, hopes and dreams. By browsing through their profiles, you encounter the most suitable partners for you.

After selecting a few candidates that you liked, you can start talking to them to find out more about each other. Before you know it, you might be inviting your girlfriend to your home country to finally meet in person.

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Who are mail order brides?

Mail order brides are young singles, usually of the age 18-35. These are women, who seek serious relationships with foreign husbands. Most commonly, they are eager to create a family and raise children, but if you are not ready to have kids yet, you are likely to find a bride, who is okay with that.

You can find mail order brides in all countries, but the most desirable for today are Russian mail order brides. Each website focuses on wives from particular countries, so if you are seeking exclusively Russian mail order wives, then you should pay attention to the list of services that host the ladies.

Why Russian mail order brides want to marry a foreigner?

For most single men the biggest concern about mail order brides is the reason for these girls to choose the path of online matching. There are lots of various stories in the Web with Russian mail order brides involved, and therefore some people have the bias towards these women. However, the intentions of mail order brides are transparent and honest. Often, they are much more open about their wishes and expectations from the marriage than a partner, with whom you spent years.

To become a mail order bride for a woman is a conscious choice. These wives are not refugees or sly brides, who are just trying to escape the harsh reality of their countries. They are brave, romantic and loving ladies, who have lots of positive traits and are looking for the right husband, who would appreciate it.

Still you might be wondering, what are the main reasons for them to walk the path of mail order bride dating? It is simple – here is why.

Brides admire western men

Attitudes to women still remain different in various countries. In some, patriarchy is still strong. In others, sexism prevails in society. Often women can’t find self-realisation in their home countries with the men that live there. Such mail order brides want more out of their life, and the most significant value that appeals to them is being respectful, which is precisely the right word about Western husbands.

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Russian mail order brides expect to find not just a husband, but a partner, friend and soulmate. Seeking a partner online is the ideal opportunity to meet the right person, wherever he is, without fears about distance.

It’s hard to find decent men

In some countries, including Russia, women significantly outnumber men. Besides, not all men also meet women requirements. Often local husbands tend to be rough or selfish. Sometimes they don’t want to take into consideration women desires and wishes. To say more, in rural areas alcoholism and domestic violence are two main social issues that stop women from marrying local husbands.

With foreign husbands women get the opportunity to develop, seek support and understanding. Together with their husbands, they have a chance for a better life, complementing each other.

Online dating is the safe and modern way to find love

There are dozens of stereotypes online about mail order brides. Some say that it is just scamming schemes, whereas others claim that you can’t be sure the person you are talking to is real and seeks love. Of course, there are some risks in online matching, but only when you use suspicious services.

In turn, mail order bride dating is a fast, effective and modern way to find love. The sites you encounter are convenient and stylish. They are just like the social networks that we all go crazy about with the only difference that they match perfect people with each other.

Moreover, they allow business people to find love as well because you can go online whenever it is comfortable for you. Besides, lots of services have mobile apps or at least mobile versions, which let you be in touch 24/7 from any part of the world.

Stereotypes about mail order brides

The less we know about particular questions in life, the more stereotypes we have. Unfortunately, the over-generalised beliefs that we often prevent us from going towards our goal. Instead of diving into the digital world of matching, we are full of doubts and fears about the upcoming experience. Hopefully, the facts below will remove stereotypes about international dating from your life forever.

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Mail order brides are fake

Lots of men are scared to start meeting partners online due to the rumour that brides might be fake. However, honest and trustworthy sites will never allow fake profiles to be published. Most of the reputable networks run regular checks on users and update their database. If they notice something suspicious about girls, they do everything to ensure safety on the platform.

So the myths that mail order brides are fake stay far from the truth. Of course, some disappointing experience might occur from time to time. But by selecting a service carefully, you will omit any unfortunate happenings and enjoy the experience on the website.

You can’t build serious relationships online

The truth is that offline, in the real world, you never know with whom you can create serious relationships. People might want to continue seeing you, but be not ready to settle down. On the contrary, on mail order websites people gather with the shared goal to find a partner and start a family. Therefore, it is mail order bride sites that can actually provide you with meaningful relationships in the first place.

Websites for singles work in a different way than meeting dates offline. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same things as if you were seeing a girl from a cafe. Besides, mail order bride sites focus on communication between partners, so sometimes you might be spending even more time with your mail order bride online than you do with dates offline.

People over 40 register on sites

Interestingly enough, the average age of the members on the sites is 18-35. Lots of young girls join the networks because for them it is an excellent chance to get married. Besides, it’s common in many countries nowadays to start a family at a young age.

So if you believed in a stereotype that mail order bride dating is for lonely singles in their 40s, you will be quite surprised. To be honest, you will find brides of various age. And that is the advantage – everyone can meet someone he likes.

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Pros and cons of matching online

Mail order bride dating is a popular solution for millions of singles around the world. And it’s not a coincidence, but the adequate approach to the process. The thing is that the sites offer numerous useful features, helpful articles, but most importantly, they create a friendly environment on the network.

Of course, there are some drawbacks of online matching with singles as well. Some of them might be fixed in the nearest future, whereas others exist due to the format of mail order bride dating. Nonetheless, here are the benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of.


  • You can select a partner according to your personal criteria
  • You save time and money, focusing on people, with whom you have common interests
  • You adjust seeing brides to your timetable
  • You can connect with brides, no matter where they are from
  • Mail order bride sites ensures you a safe experience

Mail order bride sites are most popular among busy, hardworking people, who manage to build a career and develop personal life as well. Often men, who register on the venues, are involved in the business. The main points that interest them are the flexibility of service, its convenience and safety. All these points are the top priority of the most well-known online venues.

Besides, mail order sites are equipped with the finest tools and features, so that you can communicate without borders and get to know your partner as close as possible.


  • Finding brides online can get quite pricey
  • You build relationships on distance at first

Required expenses on seeking brides online is a relevant issue for lots of new users. It’s hard to predict how much will it cost for you to use the mail order bride services. The price depends on the time you will spend online, searching for the one, as well on the pricing policy of the venue. However, the approximate sum of money you should be ready to spend will start at the point of 1000$.

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How to find the perfect site?

There are numerous marriage sites online. Due to the enormous variety of choices, it’s hard to make a decision. But don’t worry, with these several tips you will definitely pick the right mail order bride site.

Start with reviews

Reviews are the insights into the performance of mail order bride site. Often they are written by professionals, who have an impressive background in relationships or psychology.

The biggest benefit of reviews is that they are written, based on the real experience. In other words, authors try out the sites themselves first and then share their impressions. Therefore, from any review, you will find out about all the pros and cons of the venue. Moreover, if the website is not reliable, you will know it from the articles.

Besides, reviews are often followed with screenshots from the website. That way you can evaluate the design of the site and figure out if it suits you.

Look out for the comments

People will tell you more than you would think. Find the comments of the real users, and you will learn lots of useful things about theservice of your choice. Moreover, often members share their personal stories about mail order, which is full of insights that can be valuable for you.

Check out the list of the best venues

The Internet is usually full on listings with the best mail order sites. The vital thing that you need to acknowledge is that each of the venues focuses on women from particular countries. So if you are searching for a Russian mail order wife, then you should look for the list of the websites with the Russian brides.

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What’s great about ratings is that often they are provided with a brief description of the dating service. That way you will have basic info about the site in the first place.

Don’t forget about trial versions

At last, the best opportunity for you to figure out whether to use or not the website, is a free trial. Most mail order bride sites with pleasure offer its customers to try out the venue for free at first. That way you definitely know what you are paying for.

During the trial version you will get access almost to all the features. However, it’s likely that communication tools will not be working, because they require payment. Still, you will be able to browse through profiles of users, check out searching and matching and discover more information about the performance of the site.


It’s ridiculous to refuse using modern ways of communication and matching because they don’t seem traditional enough. Mail order bride dating is one of such contemporary innovations. It is an alternative way to find the right bride, who meets your requirements, shares your dreams and goals and comes from the cultural background of your interest.

Understandably, it’s hard to hook up on the new trend, when you don’t know much about it. But the information given here fully uncovers all the features of the mail order. Everything that is left for you is just to try it out yourself and enjoy the experience.

Are you ready to wait for the rest of your life, when love accidentally finds you? Or are you confident already enough to admit what you need and find the person you want? You love might be waiting for you just around the corner. Don’t miss a chance to find the Russian mail order wife of your dreams.


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