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Mail order Girlfriend: Where and How To Find A Mail Order Bride

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Last Updated: July, 2024

Mail order brides seem to be a dream come true. A lot of them are gorgeous, smart, patient, obedient, caring, and simply awesome. But is it actually true and are these women as great as many people describe them? Let's talk about online dating and try to answer these questions together.

How to get a mail order bride

Many of you already know that the best way to meet a hot mail order bride is through dating sites and mail order bride services. These platforms specialize in foreign women for marriage, which is why finding a match on such websites is pretty easy. Of course, you can try to meet a foreign bride in real life but it is way more time-consuming, as well as costs more money, which is why we recommend using specialized sites for meeting foreign women. So how to find a hot mail order bride on such platforms? Here is a little guide for you:

  • Find a reliable mail order bride service and sign up
  • Create a decent profile, for instance, make sure you have info about yourself in the bio as well as a good profile picture
  • Use advanced search tools to find the most compatible partners for you
  • Message the ladies from different countries to figure out who attracts you the most
  • Choose the girl who is, in your opinion, the best partner for you and get to know her
  • Arrange an actual date with your beloved
  • Whenever you feel you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, ask your woman for a serious, long-term relationship 
  • Voilà, you just found a mail order bride

As you can see, meeting mail order brides is not that difficult,  so if you dream of foreign women, stop dreaming and start acting, and soon you'll find the love of your life.

Last Updated: July, 2024
(3018 votes)


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What is the best country to find a mail order girlfriend?

The best countries to meet hot mail order brides are Japan, Columbia, and Ukraine. But which country to choose depends solely on your taste in women, so let's briefly talk about the main peculiarities of the ladies from each country to help you figure out who will make you truly happy.

  • Japanese women for marriage. Mail order brides from Japan are not only gorgeous and obedient women but also reliable partners who will always be there for you no matter what. So if you are attracted to Asian mail order brides as well as want to find a reliable and loyal partner, these beautiful foreign ladies are for you.
  • Colombian mail order girlfriends. In case you are attracted to passionate and self-confident women, you probably want to take a closer look at Colombian mail order brides. These hotties are gorgeous, passionate, devoted, honest, as well as know their worth. So if a passionate and a little bit hot-headed foreign bride turns you on, head to a dating site and meet a Colombian hottie.
  • Ukrainian mail order brides. Last but not least, Ukrainian mail order brides. These beauties from Eastern Europe will no doubt blow your mind. Independent and unbelievably gorgeous, Ukrainian women are a perfect match for confident men who would like to date an equal partner. Therefore, if you are attracted to this kind of women, a mail order bride from Ukraine would make you happy.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

Is it affordable to use dating sites and date foreign women? 

Well, yes and no. First of all, you have to understand that all the legit mail order bride platforms are paid services. That means that you will have to pay for every message you send to your beloved, as well as for every single minute in video calls. In addition to that, most agencies charge for arranging actual dates, presents, flowers, etc. So you have to be ready for that. 

In terms of mail order brides cost, everything depends on the region and country. So let's take a brief look at the table that will help you understand the prices in different countries.


  • Dating site membership (Asian Melodies, Eastern Honeys, Lover Whirl): about $300 per month;
  • Flight tickets (New York - Beijing): starting at $2,232;
  • Travel experiences (food, transportation, hotels, etc.): about $1,500-$2,000;
  • K-1 visa: $265;
  • Average wedding price in the United States: $27K.

The total price is $31,797.


  • Dating site membership (Jolly Romance, Amour Factory, Bravo Date): about $300 per month;
  • Flight tickets (New York - Prague): starting at $639;
  • Travel experiences (food, transportation, hotels, etc.): $2,000;
  • K-1 visa: $265;
  • Average wedding price in the United States: $27K.

The total price is $30,204.

Latin America:

  • Dating site membership (Latin Feels, Love Fort, about $300 per month;
  • Flight tickets (New York - Mexico City): starting at $289;
  • Travel experiences (food, transportation, hotels, etc.): $1,000;
  • K-1 visa: $265;
  • Average wedding price in the United States: $27K.

The total price is $28,854

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Facts about marriages with mail order brides

We have already talked about the peculiarities of online dating as well as discussed how to find a girlfriend through mail order bride services, which means that it's time to find out what a marriage with a mail order bride is like. So here are the facts about foreign wives you need to know.

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Marriage with Asian mail order brides

  • The percentage of divorces in Asian countries is rather low since people there respect the marriage institution
  • Asian wives are obedient and do their best to satisfy their husbands
  • A regular mail order bride from Asia prefers to be a housewife and take care of the kids
  • Asian-Americans have the highest percentage of marriage (65 % versus 61% for whites) and the lowest percentage of divorce (4% versus 10.5% for whites)

As you can see, Asian women  are perfect mothers and wives, which is one of the main reasons why these ladies are so popular. So if you want to find such a woman, consider an Asian mail order wife.

Marriage with European mail order brides

  • European mail order brides prefer to stay independent and rarely choose the fate of a housewife
  • The lowest divorce rate among the European countries is in Malta
  • An average age of a European mail order bride is 28
  • European ladies usually settle down and get married in their thirties

Ladies from Europe are independent and hardworking, which is why getting married is not their main goal. At the same time, if they fall in love and decide to get married, you can be sure that it's for life. Thus, if you want a loyal and independent partner, a European mail order wife is a great choice for you.

Marriage with Latin mail order brides

  • Latin women seek true love and passion in marriage
  • The divorce rate in Latin countries varies from 20% to 35%
  • Latin ladies don't mind being housewives yet still some of them are pretty career-oriented
  • The average first marriage age in Latin America is 20 years old

Latin women for marriage tend to get married pretty early, which makes them perfect for those of you who would like to find a young wife. In addition to that, these ladies are passionate, loving, and caring in marriage. Therefore, if you feel like this is a perfect match for you, head to a Latin mail order bride service and find your soulmate.

How to choose mail order brides services

We have already mentioned above that in order to find a foreign girlfriend on an online dating platform, you have to use a legit site. But how to distinguish decent dating sites from scam ones, and how to find the service that will work for you? Well, there are some tips and tricks that will surely help you, so let's take a quick look at those.

  • Legit dating sites usually have a modern and user-friendly design, so you want to avoid signing up on poorly-designed websites
  • Good mail order bride sites cannot be cheap, so do not use suspiciously cheap platforms
  • Free mail order brides is not a thing, in fact, only scammers promote completely free services, so you want to avoid those
  • Choose the right service, for instance, dating sites will work for casual relationships, while mail order bride websites are good for finding a wife
  • Read other users' reviews on such platforms as Quora, Facebook, Reddit, etc. to figure out whether this or that particular platform is worth your time and money

Finding a good mail order bride website is a little bit challenging but it's definitely not impossible and it's totally worth it. So keep our tips and tricks in mind and find the very platform that will work for you.

Why are mail order girlfriends looking for foreigners?

There are many reasons why foreign beauties use dating sites to find boyfriends in the United States, Canada, or Western Europe. Let's take a look at the most popular ones.

  • Social status. In many countries, women do not have as much rights and freedom as men, which is why they would like to move to a democratic country where women have equal rights with men.
  • Education. Unfortunately, high-quality education is not accessible everywhere, especially for women, which is why many girls strive to get married and immigrate to be able to receive high-quality education abroad.
  • Economical reasons. In fact, in many Asian and African countries, women are underpaid for their job and have to work long hours in horrible conditions in order to be able to survive. Marriage and immigration gives these women a chance to find a decent job where they will be fairly paid.
  • Love. Finding true love is actually pretty challenging and sometimes you have to look for it beyond the borders of your city or country. In addition to that, some ladies feel like local men cannot satisfy their both emotional and financial needs, which is why they start looking for a husband abroad.
  • Political issues. Some women look for husbands abroad because they simply cannot tolerate the political situation in their country. Of course, this is a pretty rare reason, yet still it is relevant.
  • Desire to travel and/or move to another country. Many foreign mail order brides are cosmopolitans who need to travel a lot and don't mind moving to another country. As you might have already guessed, marriage is the best way to immigrate and this is the reason why these girls use online dating platforms.

As you can see, there are many reasons why foreign ladies turn to online dating platforms and look for potential husbands abroad. In fact, all these reasons are pretty understandable and, after all, we are all free people who can choose where and how to look for a potential spouse. So judging a mail order bride for her desire to find a foreign husband and move is the last thing you want to do.

Why take a mail order bride for a wife?

So now as we know so many things about overseas brides, let's talk about the main reasons why marrying such a woman is a good decision. So without any further ado, here they come:

  • These ladies strive to create a happy family
  • Foreign girls are usually more respectful towards their husbands
  • Most of these girls are excellent housewives
  • They are great mothers because most of them are focused on family 
  • Many foreign ladies know how to cook and they will prepare their national meals for you
  • They are reliable and will never let you down
  • These women are thankful for everything you do for them

Well, we guess you see how many reasons there are to date and marry a mail order bride, which is why you have to at least give it a try. So why don't you go ahead and register on one of the dating websites right now?

How to bring a wife to the USA?

Once you meet your love, you will probably want to bring her to the United States, but how can you do that? Well, we have a little guide for you.

  • Invite your sweetheart to visit you. First of all, you have to ask your girlfriend whether she wants to come and visit you. So casually offer her to spend a few weeks in the United States with you. As a rule, most girls agree right away, so you don't have to  worry about that. However, note that you will most likely have to cover all the travel expenses.
  • Send an invitation for getting a U.S. visa. In order to make sure your girlfriend will receive an American visa, you have to send her an official invitation letter that she will use along with the other documents while applying for her visa. If you don't know how to make an invitation letter, you can find more info here or consult your lawyer.
  • Get the tickets for your beloved. Once your sweetheart has her visa, you can proceed to purchasing the flight tickets for her. This is actually the simplest step, just make sure to ask your girlfriend her passport info and purchase the tickets via the service you usually use. Once you have the tickets, send your beloved the PDF copies and wait for her to come.
  • Meet your sweetheart. Last but not least, meet your beloved in the airport and have a great time with her. Get to know her better and discuss future plans with her. If you feel like you are ready, pop the question and secure your relationship.

Final thoughts

A gorgeous foreign bride is a dream come true for many Americans. Luckily, you can easily find such a woman on modern mail order bride sites. So leave all your fears and doubts behind and meet your soulmate right now.

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What is a mail order bride?

A mail order bride is a woman who is looking for a husband abroad using specialized dating websites. As a rule, these women come to other countries and almost immediately marry their online boyfriends, which is why these girls are called so.

How do mail order brides work?

These ladies look for potential spouses online, chat with them, date them, and eventually marry the person they love or the one they feel the most comfortable with.

How to get a mail order bride to your country?

The easiest way to get a mail order bride is to sign up for a dating site that helps you get connected with single beauties. Many ladies out there are seeking love and relationships, while you're still considering it. Online is more convenient than flying over across the globe. Online dating takes less time and money but still gives you many chances to meet the love of your life.

Are there legal issues to marry a mail order girlfriend?

No, marrying foreign ladies is legal pretty much everywhere, so you shouldn't have any problems with that. However, note that you will have to make sure your spouse's documents are alright and that she will get a green card.

Is it possible to buy a wife?

No, you cannot buy a person. But you can use a dating site and meet your potential wife there.